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    damn girl clean your box out me tryna get yo attention now n shit i see u got jokes... ay im up in pueblo grindin for a hot second and dont noone up here got a charger so ima get at you soon as I touch back down in denver which will be like later this week im prolly gonna be stayin...
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    yall cats played postal2?

    shit is off tha hook!!them fools be cussin on there...u can pull your dick out and piss on fools and dead bodies lol this game is clowin im slangin dubs for $8 get at me
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    X pills

    i know alot yall cats on this board be poppin them ebabies...what tha newest batch yall got??we got these lil blue moons out here in tha 303 shit had me thizzzzzed out last night
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    How many of yall rappers...

    make a living off this rap shit and dont gotta work a 9 to 5??
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    Is there a remix to twisted???

    anyone know???or can some1 plug me with [email protected]
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    who feelin that new J-Diggs???

    this cat a vet and his cd proves it...tight all tha way thru from track 1 to 16...bangin beats bangin features...who got this??if u aint got u needa cop it...realtalk
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    anyone know tha name of this 40wata track?

    tha chrous be like so so sick soo soo sick...he be like look at all tha cars drivin with they lights on..its so so sick anyone what im talkin about?
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    Why does tech appel to so many offbrands??

    been wonderin?
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    Cellski mixtape 3 is shittin on all these other mixtapes

    this shit tha best volume yet. cellski's lyrics are top notch...makes tha songs 10x better than tha originals. I been knockin gotta get that money, thats tha knock right there who beat is that?
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    Puff Daddys website hacked by Suge Knight

    pure comedy...
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    Break Bread Mafia??

    who heard tha relativez new album??damn tha beats are gangsta!!
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    Mitchy Slick's Freestyle Mix Tape

    got this shit today. he rappin over beats by 50cent, jahiem, lil flip, pdiddy, too short(fuk faces) tha shit is real coo to me...but mitchy slick one of my favs. who else got this here
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    just got this risk vs reward 2. got mack 10, triple beam, slim thug, paul wall, yukmouth, suga free and tha outlawz. all I can tell is one track with suga free is recycled but other than that it got some knockin tha one with mack 10... they got a track called "Thats tha west 4...
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    who got that Street Lordz's Platinum Masterpiece

    this shit on big e-40, shyne, baby, beanie seigal, too short, bezino, b-legit, juvenile, capone and norega. shit is pretty saucy. none of tha verses are recycled at all. this shit is way tighter than they first cd "Platinum Rolees don't tic"
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    Y'all gotta cop that WCM Screwed

    without a doubt this cd is knockin. I had doubts cause I thought it would be mostly slowed down...but tha shit is really chopped up proper. shit is worth tha $13
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    Dirty - Keep It Pimp and Gangsta

    god damn this cd is bangin pick it when it drop
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    Collecters Item is on knock

    just copped yall cd. it surprised me.. I heard one of yalls tracks on a comp but I wasn't feelin it but yall cd is bangin. tha track wit awax and str8 smashin are tha ones im diggin tha most
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    Why yall cats hype weak ass albums up so much?

    is it cause yall groupies or what? or is yalls taste in music ass?? I just got this cat dobads album... I been seein all these cats hype him up.. I'll give it to them they got good promotion and production but tha album is weak. weak. weak. anyways I copped awax's 65 gz in a jordan briefcase...
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    check your pms
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    Garden Blocc Ridaz

    just got this cd. its cbo, xraided and tnutty. tha shit is coo... coleone got a tight ass feature. Who else heard this shit?