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  1. Arson

    soft major cities with not much talent or soul?

    San jose off top, name yours.
  2. Arson

    Cml killa hoe hella slap.:dead:
  3. Arson


    I was listening to short my whole life, but back 2 the hotel had me buying every vallejo artist, first time i heard 40 too, rbl posse firsr album i copped anything in a minute, mac dre was a legend allready when he out back n the hood, i felt so bad ass listening to his jail raps lol.
  4. Arson

    Best rapper with out a major label album?

    Mac dre , i think he would have 2 or 3 gold albums if he never went to prison.
  5. Arson

    Lavish d killa city reply

  6. Arson

    Afrika Bambaataa a chomo?

    Afrika Bambaataa molested 'hundreds' of boys, bodyguard says - NY Daily News Afrika Bambaataa molested “hundreds” of boys who were paraded in and out of his places in the Bronx and on the road, said a man who claims to be a former bodyguard for the hip hop pioneer. Shamsideen Shariyf Ali Bey...
  7. Arson

    Mac Dre Hologram at Coachella?

    G-Eazy Plans To Bring Out Mac Dre Hologram During Coachella Performance | HipHopDX thoughts?
  8. Arson

    In this thread put up Tone Capone knocks!!!

  9. Arson

    Pig killed on first shift lol....

    Virginia officer killed on her first day on the job -
  10. Arson

    Albums done by one producer ...

    Why don't people so this any more? It made the old projects flow together like a movie .
  11. Arson

    King Lavish D "Way I Do It" ft. Shadow

  12. Arson

    Bay Area albums id like to hear

    First, no hey chants, or autotune. A HD album from the heart, dirty finger nails and all. A J-Stalin album with no songs for hoes, or sing song hooks. Mozzy album produced by Dj Daryl A hus album he used a pen and paper on, think the kinda features he have jackas first two albums. A team album...
  13. Arson

    Mistah fab - back to back (messy Marv diss)

    Mistah Fab - Back to Back (Messy Marv Diss) - Download and Stream | Audiomack Even mentions our very own coop.
  14. Arson

    Two skydivingf planes collide amazing video. wow, crazy as fuck.
  15. Arson

    best 925/CoCo county albums.

    For me it would be like this... 1. Jacka - Jack Artist (masterpiece, album flowed together like a movie) 2. Husallah - hustling since the 80's (imho best pittsburg album ever, but I put the Jack Artist over it because it was put together with a way better budget) 3. Jacka - Self titled. (dope...
  16. Arson

    Damm they whooped lavish That time for what he did, and the weak evidence is so fucked up.
  17. Arson

    favorite rap duo's?

    current was hus and jacka, oldschool 40 and b legit, crazy how much chemisty dudes can have, you can tell there real life folks just by there songs together, you can tell jacka brought the best out of hus, and vise versa, that jacka verse over the yardbirds album was so raw.
  18. Arson

    Joe blow dissing lavish d?

    bfW9c4nx6vU starts at 2:00
  19. Arson

    50 greatest bay area rap songs according to complex Def some good ones up there, but how they gonna leave "the coup - jesus the pimp" off the list? also Dion peete produced ayo for yayo and they aint give brother his props.
  20. Arson

    The News Desk News and notes from the Hearst Connecticut staff. Trooper admits to st

    Trooper admits to stealing from dying motorcyclist - The News Desk BRIDGEPORT – A state trooper, caught on his own dashboard camera stealing a dying motorist’s cash and gold crucifix, is facing up to a year and a half in prison. Aaron “AJ” Huntsman, a 19-year veteran of the state police...