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  1. Mr. Manolo

    Big Rasc from The Stoned Kings **NEW MUSIC**

    Hey Ya'll I just posted some songs at check em out and let the kid know what you think. I'd appreciate it. If ya'll help me take over the #1 spot in my region I'll put my "Savage Land" album up for free download on there. Thanx and 1Luv!!!!!
  2. Mr. Manolo

    Twitter Questions?

    I looked but couldn't find anything. So I opened a twitter acct. but I don't really understant it. haha. Can someone lace me? here's my twitter
  3. Mr. Manolo

    Any of Ya'll know Swag?

    From (AllHipHop News) An Everett, Washington rapper who once collaborated with Diplomats group member Jim Jones has been arrested for running a major drug operation just an hour outside of Seattle. Budding rapper Swag and his label Paper Route Records, teamed with Jim Jones to...
  4. Mr. Manolo

    Any of ya'll post at

    Just wondering. It's been kind of poppin over there lately.
  5. Mr. Manolo

    Big Rasc at the DUB Show in Anaheim

    I'll be at the March 7th DUB Show in Anaheim Ca. Promoting the Savage Land Album. We've got a booth inconjuction in Stada Wheels. We'll have promotional material there as well. If your in the area stop by and pick up the album. Any other Northwest artists gonna be attending? I got a couple...
  6. Mr. Manolo

    Hook up on HD music videos?

    Anyone shoot hi def music videos for a reasonable price. As always this is a serious inquiry so post accordingly. Get at me.
  7. Mr. Manolo

    Big Rasc's Savage Lane Cover By 3rd Eye Dezine

    Here ya go!!!! Let me know what you think! It's at the Press right now so should be back with in 2 weeks.
  8. Mr. Manolo

    Paying Job!!!!

    I need some graphic work done. I'm not sure everyone seen this.
  9. Mr. Manolo

    Paying Job!!!

    Can I get a quote from all the serious graphic designers on here. I need a 4 Panel insert. Clear cd tray and spine. Full color on disc. Bar code. For as reasonable price as possible. I'm droppin a street album but I want it to be as close to a real quality album lay out as possible with out...
  10. Mr. Manolo

    I'm in need of mixtape duplication!!!

    If you do this kind of thing leave a contact. I'd like to work with someone in the region if possible. Thanx.
  11. Mr. Manolo

    Anyone wanna get down in a lightweight bout on UFC 09

    Anybody interested, leave your gamer tag and I'll add you, I get down with Nate Diaz.
  12. Mr. Manolo

    I don't really like this song but this is pretty tight

    ya'll check this out................................
  13. Mr. Manolo

    Stoned Kings Dat New Swagg Created by PhotoDoctors

    Here's the cover to our long anticipated album. Stoned Kings Stoned Kings Dat New Swagg. Here It is
  14. Mr. Manolo

    Stoned Kings and Lucky Luciano In Spokane July 28th

    Here's the Flier.
  15. Mr. Manolo

    Stoned Kings and DJ Quik in Yakima June 21st

    Here's the flier. It goes down June 21st at the Capitol Theatre in Yakima.
  16. Mr. Manolo

    Short Term or Long Term

    What would you rather lose? Your Short Term or Long Term memory? which one and why?
  17. Mr. Manolo


    Hey Everyone this is Big Rasc from the Stoned Kings. I'm just letting everyone know that I've got some pitbull puppies for sale. The father is Rednose, the Female is brown Brindle. They are currently 4 weeks old, 6 females and 1 male. If interested I can provide pictures. We can also discuss...
  18. Mr. Manolo

    Factors In The NorthWest Please Read!!!!!!

    What up ya'll, This is Big Rasc from The Stoned Kings. If you are a NorthWest factor and are serious about moving your music and networking, Please PM me with your contact info including your contact number. I'm working on a compilation and albums that strongly could see distribution thru a...
  19. Mr. Manolo

    Professional Graphic Artist Needed!!!!!

    I am in need of a Professional Graphics design team to do the graphics for an upcoming album. We're looking for someone who will put the perfect touches to our project. Someone who will do as good a job for us as a Big Named Artist! If you feel you got what it takes to help us bring our visions...
  20. Mr. Manolo

    Stoned Kings on MySpace?!!?

    Hey Everybody, The Stoned Kings decided to jump on the myspace bandwagon and get a page. Ya'll can peep a few tracks off of our mixtape right now if you want. You can hit us up at check out the tracks and get on our friends list, por favor. Let us know what you think...