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  1. D-Con

    Doug Stanhope - Oslo:Burning the Bridges to Nowhere

    This stand-up DVD was some of the funniest shit I've heard in awhile. Had me rollin', man... Anyone else see this shit? If not, don't sleep.
  2. D-Con

    Ozzy Osbourne's Scream

    Is anybody feeling this album? It's solid for the most part, imo...
  3. D-Con

    The Meskin Houston Mic Pass

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  4. D-Con


    and let me know what y'all think of the tracks!
  5. D-Con

    I Think, Therefore I Am (Roughdraft)

    Let me know what you think, y'all...
  6. D-Con

    TOL Vol. 2 ; Thoughts On The Wall

    This whole CD is throed. Who else's heard it? 1. Another Introduction 2. Alternate Curriculum 3. Standing in Place 4. I Need Music 5. Breathe ft. Chester Webster 6. Sorcery ft. Stunta, Qouta 7. I Like The Way ft. Amanda 8. You Remind Me Of Me 9. Die ft. Drojo 10. Find A Way ft. Qouta...
  7. D-Con


    I was wonderin what was y'alls thoughts on Coast, formally of Dope House Records. Here's a joint from em' <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
  8. D-Con

    Nemesicc Vs. D-Con [ VOTE!! ]

    Aight, this went down over at the Siccmade Forums. I'm repostin' it, cause over there they don't understand, or feel my rhymes. So vote and let me know. IMO this is one of my best battles. [Nemesicc] im devilish- all i hold is chrome and metal spit lets settle this endin i leave ya head and...
  9. D-Con

    Crooked I dissin' Brotha Lynch Hung?

    I dunno, Lynch was askin' him damn self... To me it sound like he was givin' em' props.. Check it out... Near the bottom, the freestyle....
  10. D-Con

    MadeSicc Mailing List & Message Board

    Saw this shit off Lynch's myspace blog... Join that shit....
  11. D-Con

    Siccmade Roster....

    Who's all on it?
  12. D-Con

    The Game - Doctor's Advocate

    The Game making noise without Dr.Dre producing or 50 lacing the bitch up? Word. I don't know bout' y'all, but I was seriously doubting the kid, matter o fact I wouldn't even give em' the time of day. Yet somehow I got ahold of his album...and boom! Been bumping that shit ever since.. Lookin' At...
  13. D-Con

    First Degree The D.E.

    What'chu think bout' dis cat? I ain't heard much from em' but what I have heard took awhile for it to grow on me.. But it did. The dude got an outta-this-world type style to em'. Def. Sicc shit.
  14. D-Con

    Tales From Da Sicc - Prozak's New Album Featuring Twista, Bizzare, etc

    I doubt any of y'all like dis cat, but he's still a part of Strange Music, and he's still dropping BOMBZ, two to be exact. Prozak's solo album gone have of some BIG names, such as, BIGG KRIZZ KALICO, BIZZARE, BLAZE YA DEAD HOMIE, KING GORDY, TWISTA, TECH N9NE, THE R.O.C, TWIZTID, THE WHOLE...
  15. D-Con

    South Park Mexican

    What's yo thoughtz on em'? Imo, The dude is sicc, cause he keep it real with everybody. Even though you could say his rhymes are elementary, somehow, he pulls it off. I wasn't too impressed with his new album much, but shit..He's in prison and all.