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    Andre Nickatina - Pisces (2018)

    I was going to say I doubt this is the promised kickstarter album but to his credit the production & style is like his old shit so maybe he did hook up with one of his early producers. None of the promised features tho lol. It's pretty good I fuck with it, but I wasn't stupid enough to back that...
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    A-Wax - Rx World

    I'm surprised there ain't a thread for this already. It's out now, sounds a lot like Rx Lord was this supposed to be the 2nd disc to that? He said its his last tape for illBurn I'm guessing Lito owns that idk. I fuck with both tapes.
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    HBO's The Defiant Ones

    Anyone peep this yet? The editing & production value is really good.
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    Gucci Mane & Reek Daddy - Better Stay Yo Distance

    I'm guessing DLK is behind this? 1st half of the song is pretty good lol
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    Nioh [PS4 Exclusive]

    Last demo is live this weekend, full game drops on Feb 7th. Basically a soulsborne rip off in feudal Japan by Team Ninja.
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    Twin Peaks Season 3

    Premieres May 21st on Showtime. 18 hour long episodes, all directed by David Lynch all written by David Lynch and Mark Frost(co-creator).
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    Death Stranding | Kojima Productions [PS4]

    Kojima has kept pretty all the main creatives behind PT/Silent Hills for this one, pretty much no info on what the gameplay will be like but I'm hyped nonetheless.
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    BBC's Luther

    Idris Elba as a homicide detective is kind of ironic after the wire but this works & hes great in it imo. This is on Netflix & definitely worth a watch. Since it's a british show the seasons are short 6-4 eps per season but the quality is really high throughout. each season is like 1-2 movies...
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    Park Blvd Records in Oakland

    Owned & ran by the only rap journalist I give a damn about, Noz, of cocaineblunts fame. This spot has the best curated collection you're going to find as far as bay/sac rap. Everything is priced fairly, I've gotten a bunch of out of print releases from the last decade & they were never more than...
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    What Happened To These Jacka Collaborators?

    Western Conference but mainly Kel 4zYKwfWcNSA dDF8idewxo8 TrueQ Zqx0qRq1PzU
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    Black Kray and Goth Money Records

    hMRaLLTosp4 whxdWG4gQzQ Black Kray - City of Doves 0AweDgvKYcE Luckaleannn - Flexican Mayor // Free Mixtape @
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    All American Mob - I've Been Drinking Again

    BLOUFq9Mw_4 some new Vallejo shit
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    Future & #FreeBandzGang

    1. Look Ahead 2. T-Shirt 3. Move That Dope (Feat. Pusha T, Pharrell Williams & Casino) 4. My Momma (Feat. Wiz Khalifa) 5. Honest 6. I Won (Feat. Kanye West) 7. Never Satisfied (Feat. Drake) 8. I Be U 9. Covered N Money 10. Special (Feat. Young Scooter) 11. Benz Friendz (Whatchutola)...
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    Shy Glizzy

    Shy Glizzy - Young Jefe - Bigga Rankin, Glizzy Gang
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    Zmoney - Rich B4 Rap - download and stream | Audiomack ZMONEY - Heroin Musik - download and stream | Audiomack cxcCRjoIVLo UTN_r5tswiQ
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    Who is The Best Living/Active Director?

    This discussion took over another thread so lets get everyone in on it. I'm really gonna have to think about this before I give an answer, I expect most people to just name their personal favorite anyway lol. This is gonna be personal/subjective no matter what tho. I'd still like to hear any...
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    Atlanta/Chicago Bop

    After Young Thug dropped my favorite mixtape of 2013 I checked his earlier work & got exposed to this sub-genre. It probably has the best chance to be the next "genre" to spring from rap, by the way of autotune. It's usually "for the ladies" type songs but it's been evolving over time...
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    Heir Gang (Da$H & RetcH)

    LA based by the way of New Jersey, Cutthroat Boyz affiliates. Real solid releases lately. wmCgTiORAvg Da$H - V.I.C.E.S - download and stream | AudioMack kRPoHf_I0zE Retch - Delinquents & Degenerates - NoDJ FLmieZk27JY Download La | Limelinx
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    MondreM.A.N - They Say I Struggle Rap

    Honestly one of the best bay releases this year & its been getting heavily slept on. LazKb4YOU9s
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    Ampichino - The Eulogy: Death To My Enemies I guess War of the Worlds turned into this?