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    Andre Nickatina - Pisces (2018)

    I was going to say I doubt this is the promised kickstarter album but to his credit the production & style is like his old shit so maybe he did hook up with one of his early producers. None of the promised features tho lol. It's pretty good I fuck with it, but I wasn't stupid enough to back that...
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    Main Attrakionz & Green Ova Music

    Logan aka LWH just passed away smh @infinity you got a re up for that green ova takin ova comp he made?
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    A-Wax - Rx World

    I'm surprised there ain't a thread for this already. It's out now, sounds a lot like Rx Lord was this supposed to be the 2nd disc to that? He said its his last tape for illBurn I'm guessing Lito owns that idk. I fuck with both tapes.
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    Nacho Picasso thread

    Since last nite nacho has been on a rant threatening Kingston from bsbd/88ultra lol another nail in the coffin for more collab from them
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    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    @Nuttkase album was cool kinda drags towards the end with how similar it sounds tho
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    Your 300+ posts in this thread say otherwise lol
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    Its Official C-Bo vs Mozzy Beef

    So you're trying to undercut siccness interviews & advertise your competition on their own forums? @Gabe505 ban please
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    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Ep 4 leaked @infinity let's get a link
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    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    @Nuttkase one of the mods is jumping fools into hipinion in a pinned thread
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    has this video been posted yet? covers a lot of your misconceptions about scale, perspective & even map design
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    HBO's The Defiant Ones

    Anyone peep this yet? The editing & production value is really good.
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    Cutthroat Boyz (Vince Staples, Joey Fatts, & Aston Matthews)

    Thanks breh I'll peep today
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    Cutthroat Boyz (Vince Staples, Joey Fatts, & Aston Matthews)

    Big fish & rain come down are 2 of the 3 good songs on here. I can rock some certain techno tracks but that doesn't mean I wanna hear Vince on those beats or that I think he sounds good on them. It's not peanut butter & chocolate it's more like orange juice & toothpaste. Also I just noticed...
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    Cutthroat Boyz (Vince Staples, Joey Fatts, & Aston Matthews)

    big fish theory just dropped & its fucking terrible its all on the bagbak tip smh
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    Music News

    drops 9/15 :cool: 01 Time to Meet Your God 02 Feels Like Heaven 03 Death Patrol 04 Santa’s in the Closet 05 Dedicated to Bobby Jameson 06 Time to Live 07 Another Weekend 08 I Wanna Be Young 09 Bubblegum Dreams 10 Dreamdate Narcissist 11 Kitchen Witch 12 Do Yourself a Favor 13 Acting [ft...
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    Twin Peaks Season 3

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    Gucci Mane & Reek Daddy - Better Stay Yo Distance

    I'm guessing DLK is behind this? 1st half of the song is pretty good lol
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    all-inclusive 1017 thread

    goddamn this rules lol this is the most perfect collab you could hope from thug & future, sounds like late 2000s atlanta shit
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    Twin Peaks Season 3

    the musical segments have ruled so far, soundtrack drops in september
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    ampichino killa tay - YouTube amp & tay had an album "coming soon" for hella years now, guess we wont see it if hes retiring now