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    Snag Loco Album?

    Has anyone found it yet, or know when it comes out?
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    New Song

    The badunkadunk song is on the site...shit is off the hook....cant wait to hear the cd now!
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    New Sig

    a new sig i just did...not sure if imma use it yet...gimme any feedback...positive, negative, or what you might do to it to improve it...thnx
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    Help Plz

    One of my friends is taking a Photoshop class....this is one of his assignments....let me know which one u like best.... and let me know of any improvements that should be done to it....your opinion is appreciated...thnx #1
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    Attention all Haters

    Wut is this song off of and where could i find this cd at....but its probably one of those rare cds
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    kinda weak in my opinion...but this is just temporary till i get some better ideas....if u have anything to add like tips on improvements or just general feed back lemme know..thnx
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    was bored

    this is my 3rd pic ive posted tryin to get as much practice as possible...let me know wut u all think of it...suggestions are greatly appreciated....thnks for the input.
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    I hope this one is better than the last one i did.....i was just bored and decided to mess around on photoshop....hopefully im gettin better...and i know the blue color scheme isnt gonna change it to red....just wanna see wut all u think so far...thnx for the input.
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    Tech graffic

    this is a lil graffic i made lemme know wut all u cats think about it :angry:
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    Anotha Graffic

    Here anotha graffic i recently did...any feed back on anything that need to be approved is always always lookin for ways to improve so plz feel free to lay the smack down on me :mad:
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    Feedback plz

    im new to graphics and photoshop....this is a little sig i made my friend for his gaming team...let me know wut u think about it and any improvements or tips on it...thank you for your input.
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    I am very new to making graphics with Photoshop 7...I was wondering what is the best way to make the backgrounds with the names....kinda like Kavie's old sig was...i saw a couple others but i cant remember who they were....any help is greatly appreciated
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    Dr. Dilznik

    Any Of u Cats ever hear of this mafaka??? if so or if u have any info on where i could get a copy of his lemme know....thnx in advance
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    I was wondering if anyone knew how long this song is
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    oLd sEttLerS

    any of u crazy mafakaz goin to this wack ass event?....dam now that im thinkin bout it maybe i'll go for a sec to get some funnel cake :devious: