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  1. in10city_131x

    Tech And Krizz in a Hyde video i came across this... sorry if it's been posted/discussed already
  2. in10city_131x

    Tech in another movie: Bad Biology

    it's a movie that RA the Rugged man produced.
  3. in10city_131x

    OT:Haaah Flava Flav n Tom Green doing BRING DA NOIZZEEE! good times
  4. in10city_131x

    all my remixes, the good the bad and the ugly

    Post Your Tech N9ne Remixes! Let's get people to post their mixes in this thread eh? there must be some out there EDIT: WHY THE FUCK DOESNT THE TITLE CHANGE WHEN I EDIT IT?! If you see this nick, can you change the actual thread title to what the title of this post is or something similar...
  5. in10city_131x

    name a rap/hip hop group you'll respect till you die

    mine is cypress hill there's nothing out there like the first 3 cypress hill albums i like the sound i don't smoke weed (although i think all drugs should be legalized) that shit is original. i didnt listen to rap back in the early 90s, but it's weird to me that these guys made it to the...
  6. in10city_131x

    sorta ot: Lamb of god release separated tracks of Sacrament album oh yeah... i'll probably be making some "Lamb of N9ne" remixes with this shit next year
  7. in10city_131x

    Sorta OT:Can't wait till I hear Tech and Bill spit on the same track

    Can't wait till I hear Tech and Bill spit on the same track.. meanwhile: "White Nigger" a little taste from "The Hour of Reprisal" at :
  8. in10city_131x

    Have we forgotten Eveready LefOvers/ISMS/Missing Scriptures?

    what's goin on with this??? is tech leakin that shit? I remember in one interview he was contemplatin on the thought of doin that release it before Killers?
  9. in10city_131x

    Bout Ta Bubble remix

    oh well keep on truckin'
  10. in10city_131x

    Tom Green'd be cool if tech went on

    hahaha i love this show it's tom green's talk show exclusively on the net < > he's got some good guests he's had Xzibit and 2Short, actors, comedians, and shit... tech should go on and rap with tom
  11. in10city_131x

    A Simple Mitch Bade-ReMix

  12. in10city_131x

    OT: this shit is hilarifuckinerious
  13. in10city_131x

    1/2 OT / 1/2 ON TOPIC: if i decide to do this, there will be a tech interview..

    If i decide to do this shit: the first "artist spotlight" is gonna be a tech interview I did back in 2003, about two months after Absolute Power came out. Some of the stuff tech talks about is not so revelant today but it's still a cool interview. This is...
  14. in10city_131x

    OT: Fuckin System of a Down is the shit

    fuck all you OT-haters to me system is like slayer meets the beatles meets zappa meets nu-metal meets punk all the best shit
  15. in10city_131x

    OT: check out this white rapper show
  16. in10city_131x

    OT: classic collaboration....
  17. in10city_131x

    OT: Fear Factor Dude exposes other comic for stealing jokes

    they ever do this shit to Dennis Leary for stealing Bill Hick's shit? hahah
  18. in10city_131x

    OT: i always thought the grammys were shit...

    ...but maybe i never thought they were this fuckin stupidly obvious in shoving the truth about what they really are down people's throats... How can this annoying, piece of shit excuse for a song be even nominated in the first place? beats me.
  19. in10city_131x

    Fanboy talk: Tech N9ne and Ill Bill

    so i seen this interview a while back (maybe 6 months) in which Ill Bill said he might have Tech N9ne on his next real solo record. and then Tech says "east coast got it where Ill Bill invites me" or some shit along those lines... so does anyone know if these two actually have recorded a...
  20. in10city_131x

    OT this shit s so funny hahahahahahah