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  1. marty50

    i seriously dont know what to make of this

    r_BV9pcdWmQ can someone on crack explain this to me
  2. marty50

    man beats the system, umm...congrats, i guess DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- A Florida appellate court has ruled it is perfectly legal for a man to sit in his pickup truck outside a convenience store in the presence of a child and wave and insert into his mouth a long, cylindrical plastic sex...
  3. marty50

    ufo over china A Chinese airport was closed after this mysterious object was spotted in the sky. Arcing over Zhejiang's provincial capital Hangzhou, the UFO appeared to glow with an eerie white...
  4. marty50

    dont worry cleveland all is not lost

    i go to all these forums and people are upset about shebronica going to miami. i dont get it, youj can rebuild and get back to the playoffs. i think if people are taking this shit to seriously they got to realize that the nba has turned into the WWE WWf wrestling and is no longer an official...
  5. marty50

    top 15 worst toys the batman water gun is hilarious bCZeGAZFFi4 harry potter broom NvK9Prd57Q0 oh man, this slide is lmao pHk2HSzXry0
  6. marty50

    Happy 4th of July

    i dont know what it means really, i just want to get durnk and celelbrate my freedom away from the chains of oppresion. break free from the chains that is holding you back people. to celebrate my independence i show you tit veins. tit veins, breh.
  7. marty50

    football question

    so if you have a player that goes over 1,000 yards for teh season on the next to last game, but then gets minus yards and goes below 1,000 yards in his last game, do they still say he went over the 1,000 yard mark???, or do they give the player an asterisk next to his yardage?? im only asking...
  8. marty50

    the fuck you thread

    i see this a lot lately, so instead of spreading the fuck you(s), just post it in this thread. so gentlemen vent, ladies exhale, this your moment to release some stress from your mind. FUCK YOU
  9. marty50

    the pill turns women into pedophiles

    could this be the cause of all these techer-student sexual relationships over the years. The pill 'gives women a taste for boyish men like Zac Efron' The contraceptive pill may be changing women's taste in men from the macho pin-ups of the 1960s like Sean Connery to today's more boyish stars...
  10. marty50

    chemical reactions

    i wanted to know how this works, cuz i cant get a clear answer, so help me out in understanding this. you have a raw tomato, and all teh chemicals taht make a tomato a tomato is held within that tomato. its weight stays the same. so now you take taht same tomato and you cook it like as a...
  11. marty50

    wrap it up b New Yorkers long ago stopped being fooled by the luxury knockoffs peddled from sidewalk card tables at prices too good to be true. Not that they always keep their wallet in check — as a close inspection of...
  12. marty50

    what are you guys doing for new years this year

    its never too late or early to talk bout new years i was thinkin bout heading out to the woods and shroomin, then when midnight comes around, just light a blunt and have a lil glow stick party with some friends.
  13. marty50

    nba draft

    this years draft sux big time, very average bench players are gonna become millionaires. but i will do a comparision to show you how bad it is. 1 - john wall - derrick rose lite, very similar to rose's game, but can john wall play the half court game like he plays the full court game? 2- evan...
  14. marty50

    the coming depression??? might be a long article, but this guys knows his shit from the past. i'm not sure what to make of it, but he has good points. so the poll is with 3 options, after reading the article: yes, a depression is coming no, just a long recession, lost decade...
  15. marty50

    how come

    how come this country got the finest bitches in the world how come joseph was sterile how come a cupcake is not a mineral how come when a bird walks on a warm hot sidewalk, it has to take a shit how come i am paranoid...
  16. marty50

    original hip hop song to this mac dre beat??

    i thought it was souls of mischief taht did this first, but it wasnt them. then maybe pharcyde, and then maybe closed caption cuz they had laid back beats like this, it had to be some group from the 90s taht did the original beat to this. waht group was it? eGWkaNay-bU
  17. marty50

    ok, close your eyes, and listen to this

    now, dont open your eyes until you have heard both, its like a ripleys believe it or not. wait till about a minute into teh video -3-p_4z6FiM and then this one t9-CS2v8wcc
  18. marty50

    braking news in living color is on bet

    right now, that is all
  19. marty50

    great article on unemployment this decade

    yea, this shit long as fuc, but they went deep thoughts. look at the year they talk about this ending. How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America The Great Recession may be over, but this...
  20. marty50

    movies that were good then, but suck now

    they had the movie Traffic last night on AMC. when i saw it the first time when it came out, i thought it was pretty good. butthen i saw it last night and i thought it sucked. it was overdramatic, tooo long and drawn out. the characters were overplayed. i really dont know what i saw in this...