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    Music Videos?

    What's up Siccness fam. Anyone need any music videos? I was on here back in 2011, and I made a post inquiring about free music videos as we dabbled in that area of video production. We started under the moniker "Chasing Our Dream Productions". Fast forward years later and a few music videos...
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    One of my favorite songs, and has been on repeat since last year (hasn't gotten old). KVl_1bJ79uw zht9zsZ23Ro pBxs6ITzpCI 8lrmr2pi1z8
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    night shot question + exposure/ lighting

    how i can i get a shot like this? is it long exposure, lighting?.... i need some tips and i also need to get back into attempting to do photography! I have a canon...
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    Land Rover Curiosity (Lands on mars tonight) Live Ustream of NASA JPL station in Pasadena Not going to lie, im pretty excited to find out if it lands or not!
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    Tom waits may have inspired Heath Ledgers "Joker"

    FOOTAGE AT 1:35
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    Paranormal Activity 4

    It is back :paranoid::rolleyes:
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    Snow On The Bluff

    anyone else see this, pretty Entertaining. STREAM: Trailer:
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    Carlo Rossi

    Best Flavor???? or the better tasting one of them. here is a pair of tiddies to look at while you respond!!
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    Kill, Fuck, Marry?

    choose who you would kill? marry? and fuck? Jennifer Love Hewitt Kim Kardashian shakira next person chooses 3 new names and so on.........
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    Anyone playing this lotto?

    Half a billiom dollars up for grabs. I play the lotto here and there ($1 quick picks). Im throwing away 5 dollars for this one. I'm reading that people are spending a lot of dough on lotto tixs. Any sicc goons playing? Good luck if you are!
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    PS3 red light.

    My PS3 got the red blinking light :( fuccckkkkkk I read up on the problem and they call it ylod or some shit My options Hit up sony - no warranty, so imma pay a price Do it myself Or Find someone to do it for me. What do you sicc goons recommend. Has it happened to anyone yet?
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    Shit Girls Say Before Head!

    I heard them all lol
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    Nipsey Hussle - The Marathon: X-tra Laps

    Nipsey one of my fav. artist and he stay giving away music!!! some freebies and songs that didnt make the Marathon Cont.... 1. Am I Gone Make It 2. Bulgari Shades 3. Choices 4. Faith 5. Intoxicate ft. Goldie 6. Noah’s Arc 7. Sounds Of My Ceremony 8. Top Floor 9. We Just Havin Fun 10. We...
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    jokes =D

    A penis says to his balls "get ready cuz i'm taking ya'll to a party" the balls reply "you fucking liar, you always go inside and leave us outside knocking"
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    C Plus

    Dude is pretty Raw. He's from Sacramento. ALBUM 2011
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    symbolism book

    Can anybody reccomend me a good book on symbolism and one that breaks down their meanings. From symbols seen in daily life to all types cultural, to occult and so one. Pretty much ALL symbols. If you know of, or just any good symbolism book? Thanks in advance
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    Giant Footprint in South Africa

    what do you guys think? a lot of people are saying it's fake.
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    what did you do growing up?

    I'm a 90s baby (9-28-90) and i feel like i was one of the last kids to: Play hide and go seek, tag, football, freeze tag. Growing up we also kicked peoples car that had alarms, throw waterballoons at cars, and i remember having to sneak video tapes of porn when no one was arund. Although my...
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    Drake - The Motto Video

    T.B.I.B Dre's mom speaks in the beginning
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    Skinny Jeans

    Skip to 0:19secs :eek::eek: a7r6E7-wKRw