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  1. T-Sheezy

    Check my first beat....It's heat....

    I'm new to this producing shit and this is my first beat ive made....It kinda has a scary movie type feel to it (somethin Lynch would prob spit to)...I think it is dope but you guys let me know what u think....Feedback would be much appreciated....And if anyone wants to collab with me on this...
  2. T-Sheezy


    Link worked for me. Thanx for the hookup playa. LOL His last interview was fuccin hilarious. Cant wait for his new cd to come out. NE1 know when its gonna drop?
  3. T-Sheezy

    Yo Musty

    Whats craccalatin folks? What u been up to mayne. I'm still down for that collab. Is the album finished yet or is it still on? I been poppin flows like crazy. Been workin on some songs for a mixtape. Well gotta bounce. Holla bacc at me playa.
  4. T-Sheezy

    Do I GoT SkILLz?

    Do I Got Skillz? SaVaGe T - WhY I'm NoT LiKe EmInEm Peep this and leave some feedback.
  5. T-Sheezy

    Post up ideas to get more activity on our board...

    Hey 40ozThugsta. You ever finish that cd you was tellin me bout? You still wanna do a collab? Hit me on the pm.
  6. T-Sheezy

    Check out this guy Haven't listened to this guy yet. Anyone heard of him?
  7. T-Sheezy

    Is 2pac dead or alive?

    For all of those who think that 2pac is or isnt alive read this. It's kinda of interesting. Personally I think that he is dead. Suge had him shot. Post your thoughts.
  8. T-Sheezy

    Your favorite music links

    What are your favorite songs with download links? Or anyone with full album download links. That would be cool.... :cool:
  9. T-Sheezy

    What are you bumpin?

    What is everyone currently listening to? Right now it's 2pac Rap Phenomenon 2 for me and Y-Dr$sta
  10. T-Sheezy

    yo musty you should have them post WWT's new collab in the new sicness artist page.

    That would be hella dope man. I know since your a mod you should talk to some peeps and get em to do that. Maybe later you could even have em post my info on there when I drop some shit.
  11. T-Sheezy

    Any of you guys seen that Clerks movie? That shits hilarious!!

    One of the best movies of movie history. Favorite Part: Dead dude in the bathroom. Jay= :devious: Silent Bob= :beard:
  12. T-Sheezy

    Anyone have the Jay-Z and Biggie joint by DJ Kep and DJ Looster?

    This is what it looks like and the track listing. If anyone has it for download please help me out. I know that it was posted on here for dl a few weeks ago but now its expired. Tracklisting: 1 - You Belong To The City 2005 - Notorious B.I.G. & Jay-Z (Arkitechs remix) 2 - Real *****s -...