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  1. H

    Little Bruce so crest/Vallejo challenge

    Was really looking forward to this track couldn’t believe that bs when I heard it........ shit didn’t even make sense just him rhyming s bunch of big words together lol
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    Are any of the drought seasons or big blocks and boatdocks albums with berner edited off still out there?

    Post em if there still out there still can’t believe that fat fraud blew up..... every other verse he’s in “traffic” or in a uhaul full of P’s LMAO go listen to the drink champs podcast he says himself he’s never had a drivers license or driven because when he had his provisional at 15 yrs old...
  3. H

    Joe blow got his chain snatched

    Go to A-wax page on IG looks like joe got caught slippin and lost his chain
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    MAC Rell signed to rap-A-Lot!?!!!!

    Just saw new Mac rell video on Bay Area compass rap-A-Lot presents it and he’s got on the Rap-A-Lot chain pretty mind boggling lol what’s next is crazy locs signing with cash money west?
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    WTF happened to Messy Marv?

    What happened to mess? He hasn’t posted shit in monthes seems like he just vanished....I thought berner signed him and him and San Quinn were dropping a new explosive mode?
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    Joe Blow Calls A-Wax a Rat in new song

    Just heard the song “I swear 2 God” off the new blowmoney album at 1:35 he says ”yung cat a Rat and So is A-wax” anyone know what blows talking about?
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    R.i.p Big Syke

    Just saw big syke died R.i.p. Him on a Khyree beat was always legendary and nobody stuck out on a PAC song like Syke
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    What happened to Little Bruce?

    Been seeing dubee gonna get out soon, heard little Bruce is already out anyone know if Bruce is still making music? That truth mixtape he dropped a while back was dope he was the best rapper on thizz IMO....
  9. H

    Messy Marv Gettin out 11-14-2016

    just saw mess's ig he's getting out next month.
  10. H

    Did gunplay get his chain snatched by A-wax?

    Saw wax's ig with a pic of gunplays chain askin what his ig is looks like don Logan may have lost another chain
  11. H

    Joe blow running from A-wax

    Check waxs ig he pulls up on joe blow at record store sounded like blow pulled a gun in the audio he didn't seem like he wanted it with wax didn't wanna be another rob lo