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  1. lopro

    Luniz - "Playa Hata": Leak #2 off of "8 Bit Bump"

    SjHfILUYRCE Be sure to get the free download of "8 Bit Bump", available March 8th. In case you missed the tracklist: 1. 11/5 - Garcia Vegas 2. 3x Krazy - Keep It On The Real 3. E-40 ft. B-Legit & Mac Shawn - Sideways 4. Luniz - Playa Hata 5. N2Deep - Back To The Hotel 6. Cellski - Deep In The...
  2. lopro

    Happy Birthday R.NATO

    Have a good one fellow producer goon.
  3. lopro

    Tony Lo Presents: "8-Bit Bump" (Free Album Available 3/8/2011)

    I decided to drop a project that incorporates two nostalgic values: classic bay area rap songs recreated through 8-Bit (NES) synths. It's my way of paying homage to the notable bay songs before me. This project is all out of fun, and I hope it's the same for the listeners. The project will be...
  4. lopro

    4SidedDie... please explain.

    So if you are not a follower of the Siccness chat room, you may not know of Joey, or 4SidedDie. Joey seemed to be very open about his personal life, mentioning the passing of his mother in chat. He even took it to lengths of showing the chat room pictures of his mother as he cried looking down...
  5. lopro

    What Was Tony Thinking?

    Enter your caption on what I was thinking while I was grabbing some BBQ chicken.
  6. lopro

    Sicc Memes

    Successful Wigger Tacos Needs More Inf Gang Notice The Hand Notice The Hand (Alternative) Faggot Stomach
  7. lopro

    Locksmith ft Crooked-I - "Gray Area"

    Heard this on 106 Home Turf last night. Thought it was pretty cool.
  8. lopro

    New Logo

    Feedback is appreciated.
  9. lopro

    Slapmaster Live! Agerman Album snippets & Making a beat
  10. lopro

    Live Session w/ Agerman & Indecent
  11. lopro

  12. lopro

    (EXCLUSIVE) Danked Out - "Ain't No Tellin'" ft. KOB & J-Minnix

    (EXCLUSIVE) Danked Out - "Ain't No Tellin'" ft. KOB & J-Minixx (RADIO HIT) jhYnmHXqvZY Danked Out - "Ain't No Tellin'" ft. KOB & J. Minixx (Hook) Produced by Tony Lo Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Indecent the Slapmaster An uptempo club track that goes hard. Looking for...
  13. lopro

    Summer's coming! Time for a summer track! (D/L Inside)

    YRnFBwidwqs "Summertime" by Youngmind ft. Regal & Big Mack (Produced by Tony Lo) Some of you might remember this. Any feedback is appreciated. Free Download:
  14. lopro

    Good fishing places in Bay Area?

    Never been fishing in my life. Trying to expand my horizons and try some new shit. Maybe make a new hobby. Help me out sicc-goons.
  15. lopro

    Indecent The Slapmaster LIVE NOW! Ft. guests K.O.B., RUXO, and GOLDIE of FEDERATION!

    Recording the remix to K.O.B.'s "Google D's Nutts"
  16. lopro

    The Infantry Presents: Mega Slap Volume 3

    Feedback appreciated.
  17. lopro

    LIVE - Indecent The Slapmaster W/ Kobra and Rythm
  18. lopro

    Mistah F.A.B. - "Umm Hmm" (Music Video)

    wmdJHvW9gSo Totally forgot about this song. About 2-3 years late but I think it's a cool video. Too bad it didnt get finished.
  19. lopro

    Stevie Joe - "No Mo" Music Video

    A tad late for this song to have a video but a dope song/video regardless. EEvZzwfU9jE
  20. lopro

    J. Stalin - "Last Night" Music Video