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  1. T-Sheezy

    Check my first beat....It's heat....

    I'm new to this producing shit and this is my first beat ive made....It kinda has a scary movie type feel to it (somethin Lynch would prob spit to)...I think it is dope but you guys let me know what u think....Feedback would be much appreciated....And if anyone wants to collab with me on this...
  2. T-Sheezy

    Yo Musty

    Whats craccalatin folks? What u been up to mayne. I'm still down for that collab. Is the album finished yet or is it still on? I been poppin flows like crazy. Been workin on some songs for a mixtape. Well gotta bounce. Holla bacc at me playa.
  3. T-Sheezy

    Do I GoT SkILLz?

    Do I Got Skillz? SaVaGe T - WhY I'm NoT LiKe EmInEm Peep this and leave some feedback.
  4. T-Sheezy

    Check out this guy Haven't listened to this guy yet. Anyone heard of him?
  5. T-Sheezy

    Is 2pac dead or alive?

    For all of those who think that 2pac is or isnt alive read this. It's kinda of interesting. Personally I think that he is dead. Suge had him shot. Post your thoughts.
  6. T-Sheezy

    Your favorite music links

    What are your favorite songs with download links? Or anyone with full album download links. That would be cool.... :cool:
  7. T-Sheezy

    What are you bumpin?

    What is everyone currently listening to? Right now it's 2pac Rap Phenomenon 2 for me and Y-Dr$sta
  8. T-Sheezy

    yo musty you should have them post WWT's new collab in the new sicness artist page.

    That would be hella dope man. I know since your a mod you should talk to some peeps and get em to do that. Maybe later you could even have em post my info on there when I drop some shit.
  9. T-Sheezy

    Any of you guys seen that Clerks movie? That shits hilarious!!

    One of the best movies of movie history. Favorite Part: Dead dude in the bathroom. Jay= :devious: Silent Bob= :beard:
  10. T-Sheezy

    Anyone have the Jay-Z and Biggie joint by DJ Kep and DJ Looster?

    This is what it looks like and the track listing. If anyone has it for download please help me out. I know that it was posted on here for dl a few weeks ago but now its expired. Tracklisting: 1 - You Belong To The City 2005 - Notorious B.I.G. & Jay-Z (Arkitechs remix) 2 - Real *****s -...