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  1. 4milli

    Suge Knight made Messy Marv jump outta window?

    I was listening to Magnolia Chop's diss record "Hit Em Up" and he mentioned Suge making him jump out of a window. Well we know Mess jumped out of a window and damn near died years ago but he never said why, what's up with these allegations?
  2. 4milli

    What Up With Calico?

    I always thought he was one of the dopest from Mizzou but outside of the few verses he spit on Rich's albums he doesn't drop alot of music. Now I was in 7th Heaven years ago and bought On Fire Vol.1 and was shocked how hard that muthafucka was I drove all the way back to Memphis like WHAT UP!!!!
  3. 4milli

    Should The Bay Give Up On Mobb Music?

    I want to hear everybody's opinion on this I personally think more of the new artists should embrace it even more and give up on the Atlanta/South sounding shit.
  4. 4milli

    Free Boy Big!

    Mane I'm missing them dope ass hooks already! Who know long its gonna be before he touch back down?
  5. 4milli

    Which A-Wax album(s) is his best work?

    Just wanted to know so I could get up on his movement because I never really jammed his shit. You know cats drop so much shit nowadays when you do get interested in a muthafucka's music you have to sort thru too many songs to even get started!
  6. 4milli

    What's Up With Innerstate Ike?

    I think Ike is dope and he drops alot of shit but he could do some things to increase his visibility like shoot some videos?
  7. 4milli

    Is Joe Blow low on gas?

    Is it me or is it just that International Joe is putting out too much material? He's a dope muthafucka and all but it seems like he says the same shit alot which is really easy to notice when you're dropping new shit alot. What's the real reason for putting all that music out anyways if you're...
  8. 4milli

    What Is Husalah Doing?

    Is it me or does Hus just want to feature on other peoples shit? I mean he knows damn well his FANS want a solo project from him and its like he just rather do them half ass freestyles on niggas songs! Every now and then he spits some MAINEY shit like he did on Joe Blow's "Knock You Down" but...
  9. 4milli

    Memphis and The Bay Connection

    This might be the first Memphis artist you ever heard killing Sean-T beats. Most definitely a new sound to look out for with features like Rich The Factor and Rush Borda. I found it on iTunes.
  10. 4milli

    Memphis and K.C Connection

    This is that Mid-South grittin shit right here! Rich Borda and Rush Borda make appearances and there is even production by Sean-T and Don Juan such a dope ass twist for a Memphis artist. I found it on iTunes get up on it!
  11. 4milli

    When is Rich The Factor gettin out of jail?

    It's bout time for some new cracc raps. The WEMFR website is down and everything that aint looking too good who knows anything?
  12. 4milli

    Joe Blow

    Joe is the nigga out of The Town right now he dropped "You Should Be Paying Me" a classic despite all the features on it.Now he got "International Blow" out here what y'all think about it though?
  13. 4milli

    What's up wit Messy Marv?

    Just trying to get some insight on Mess and where everybody think his career is goin? It seems like he's the nigga everybody loves to hate.
  14. 4milli

    What's the dopest Dubee album?

    I want to get into Dubee's music a little more by copping one of his albums which one would be the best for me to get first? I know he has a few so which one would y'all consider his all time best work?
  15. 4milli

    Mac Mall's new album..."The Rebellion Against All There Is"

    I heard he's linking back up wit Khayree hopefully it works because he did us dirty on "Mac To The Future" what do y'all think?
  16. 4milli

    Real-A-Cake Records presents K4 "Opium 4 The Masses"

    New artist from Memphis,TN drops his debut album titled "Opium 4 The Masses" featuring artists like Rich The Factor,Rush Border,M-19,and R.O.Y.. It features production by Carlos "6 July" Broady, Sean-T, Don Juan, and M-19. Check for it on iTunes,Amazon,etc.. Fuck wit it the boy is sick!
  17. 4milli

    Calico "Kansas City,KS"

    Niggas is sleeping on this boy if you ain't heard his "On Fire Mixtape Vol.1" please do yourself a favorite and hunt yourself a copy down ASAP! This is the type of gangsta shit you can only get from the streets and if you can't feel this shit you probably never spent real time in the streets anyway.