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  1. K

    Dude who killed that cop

    Tripped out shit.I heard about it Wendsday, I thought it was going to be one of the more hardcore rappers out here. (yeah cinsity crossed my mind) So i bought the paper the following day, turned out to be a dude I used to know from work. Shit had me surprised. . I kicked it wit dude and I used...
  2. K

    Whatever happened to Space Hogg?

    Is he gonna drop sumpthin? I haven't heard shit about him since Romero's solo album.
  3. K

    Playboy, was I smokin sumpthin?

    A while back while listenin to 97.5 (street fuego) I heard a Clika song I hadn't heard before. I only caught the tail end of it, and Romero was the last one to spit or one of the last to spit. Was I on sum shit that day, cuz I coulda sworn Doom was on there. I don't think it's that trak from N...
  4. K

    Tripped out shit

    Just saw on the news, there was 8 gang related murders this past weekend here in Vegas, in un-related events. Meaning that that each murder happened a different time and place. Thought that shit was crazy.
  5. K

    Playboy, and idea about a contest

    I got this idea anotha message board for Twista. Basically, the contest was to win a chance to do a song with Twista. PPL would send in an acapella spit, sumpthin like 16 bars and submit in mp3 format, and then Twista would choose which he liked best. The winner does another verse, they throw a...
  6. K

    Hey Playboy 7, whats up with Joke Dog's cd?

    I remember you saying that Joke Dog is locked up at the moment, but a while back you were saying he was working on his cd. Is it finished? Is it still going to be released on Cin Sity? When can we expect hear it? His shit is tight, I think he is one of the top Mexican rappers in the game, and I...
  7. K

    R.I.P Edward Gomez

    Did yall hear a senior football player from Vegas High School died? I knew him, he used to live on my bloc when were kids. He moved in middle school, and the last time I had seen him was as a scrawny freshman, then a few weeks ago, I saw him. Didn't recognize him, cuz he was taller and ripped...
  8. K

    Anybody hear n e thang bout Clicka??

    Just wondering if n e body heard n e thing about them. I heard supposedly they are doing solo cd's and that Bad Boy did or is doing a colabo cd with Spice 1 but I ain't heard shit about release dates, or track listings or if there is a group cd dropping.
  9. K

    Whats new with Sin City?

    Playboy ain't been on here in months, can't even give an update. Shit that was supposed to be released, weren't. Just want to know when shit is droppin, and what is droppin.
  10. K

    Peep my homies shit

    What up yall, my boy got sum shit out on soundclick, he's from here in Vegas. Show sum luv yall.
  11. K

    Playboy, do u know?

    If Clika is workin on a new album? If it's almost done, when's it drop, if they feature anyone, and are yall goin to be on it? (assumin they are workin on it)
  12. K

    Whatever happened to these albums that are supposed to be dropped by Cinsity?

    I though these were supposed to be droppin soon,when are they bein released? Esse 40 oz N vs. W vol.3 Joke Dog Also, are there any release dates on these? Eklypss Solo Pit Solo Playboy Solo CrookCilla Redrum Inc. Whats up with that Blu Ragg dvd, I thought he wasn't with CinSity no more. And...
  13. K


    Wassup, homie. It's been a minute since yall hit up the board, I know yall buisy an all. But, I'm sure everyone on the board wants to know whats going on in CinSity.
  14. K

    Sir Playboy 7

    Yo, what up homie, I pm'ed bout two weeks ago. Get back at at me when U can.
  15. K

    To Playboy 7

    Your Pm's is full. But we was talkin bout my boy being mexican. Well, I meant to say he is chicano. Cuz he was born, bred, and raised in Las Vegas. My fault, for fuccin that one up. Shoot me a PM. Aight, playa? Late.
  16. K

    Playboy, can we get some news up in here?

    This board is kinda quiet right now, and I was wondering if u would give all of us an update on up and comin projects?
  17. K

    Mr. Doctor

    I see some pictures where he looks black or mix, I see some pictures where he looks white, sometimes he looks mexican, and sometimes he looks puerto rican. Not that it matters, but what the fuck is he?
  18. K

    Picked UP the new Bone

    It was alright, but the intro had me fooled, I thought they were going to get back to their roots. But they only had one song that was hard. A lot of the songs were tight, but only one was hard. They should do at least two or three songs, that is dark, thuggish, and raw, just to show niggaz...
  19. K

    Upcoming Projects?

    With the departure of some artisits from the Cin Sity label, it's kinda hard to know what yall still got planned coming UP. So playboy, can you give us an update on upcoming projects, such as solos, other Cin Stiy artists cds, N vs. W 3, other compilations, any new Doomsday cd, dvds, vhs's...
  20. K

    Lynch and Cin Sity

    How come Lynch was never featured on the traks that featured other Cin Sity artists? He would have been tight on Maniac Riders.