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  1. MAVA

    Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

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  2. MAVA

    True Romance (1993)

    6ab1l2TwFp8 8uQFm-Lfcqo tqccyUpnZwA 5gGZAIFteAg qqfDcrg3if0 One of my favorites! A CLASSIC
  3. MAVA

    La Planete Sauvage or Fantastic Planet (1973)

    22sKI6gIBqg ecblYvd76Fg n_pjXLzBKWQ& ApArWCqzv8E eOiv2OZMNTY FmU18Ru5xGw q59Skova9o0 Fucking fantastic movie. Everyone should watch this blazed or not..
  4. MAVA

    The Mack (1973)

    kamP_eiv3qw Classic nuff said.
  5. MAVA

    Godzilla Appreciation Thread

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  6. MAVA

    York: Niners to seek GM, who will hire new head coach
  7. MAVA

    Who is the biggest underachiever in NBA History?

    When I ask this question I think about players who had a shitload of talent but never lived up to their potential for whatever reasons. My vote goes to Rasheed Wallace his versatility was unmatched he could shoot the 3 ( shot too much of them) he had a great post game, he had great defense, and...
  8. MAVA

    Jets coach Rex Ryan's wife Michelle may have been involved foot-fetish videos... "Dont throw stones if you live in a glass house".
  9. MAVA

    MJ for the win!

  10. MAVA

    Tranny Sidney Starr Talks About Her Sexual Encounter w/ Lil Wayne

    zetgKX5yQq0 He kisses other men on the lips anyway. Tough break nigga lol
  11. MAVA

    NFL Sends Thousands Of Volunteers To Help Clean Up NFC West

    NEW YORK—The NFL deployed thousands of volunteers Wednesday along with $4.6 million in football supplies to assist in the dilapidated NFC West's rebuilding effort. "This division is a total disaster," said Fred Hudson, co-leader of the NFC West Response Team, who vowed to work every day until...
  12. MAVA

    Jay-Z Announces Jay Electronica Is On Roc Nation

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  13. MAVA

    Dead Man (1995) "Stupid fuckin White man!"

    DDceawCF5Xk Seen this with some hash, I was blown away. Any other good Jim Jarmusch films?
  14. MAVA

    Ray Rice avoids ticket with autograph Posted by Mike Florio on November 9, 2010 7:22 AM ET On Monday, Ravens running back Ray Rice posted on Twitter that he had been pulled over by a police officer due to the tinting of the windows in his...
  15. MAVA

    Wiz Khalifa Arrested in North Carolina.... Pittsburgh, PA rapper Wiz Khalifa was arrested in Greensville, North Carolina for unknown reasons, it's being reported. While details are sketchy, early reports state that Wiz Khalifa was at a show at Eastern Carolina...
  16. MAVA

    Charlie Villanueva Challenges Kevin Garnett to Fight on Twitter LOL!
  17. MAVA

    Three shot at Reno Wal-Mart this morning
  18. MAVA

    A Million In The Morning

    Anyone seen this? GsEO6-IiG14 S2IMlFekMbg
  19. MAVA

    Tales from the Hood (1995)

    I grew up on this movie, pretty great one too. To me this is the best bit. HUOhiyhYxR4 vPM4scXy1XQ D33B6Y7JaKk