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  1. Banned Fo Life

    Tommy Wright III

    LMFAO @ you dumbass europeans you all fucked the game up so bad that even Tommy 3 sells his own shit for high prices hahahahaha and now they are just represses not even from the master tapes. they just tapes with white labels printed by the hundreds to sell to the up and coming collectors that...
  2. Banned Fo Life


    i see all the teenie bop cry babies crying about tape prices when everyone is doing it at big money lol. look at the gay ass white german phil gaybel with his high priced bootlegg shit eBay GAYBEL for president haha dumbass has a UK seller but selling his ungerground garbage lol ''SERIOUSLY''...
  3. Banned Fo Life

  4. Banned Fo Life

    Cha Ching!

  5. Banned Fo Life


    Blood-Crip-Norteno-Sureno Or Any Other Which one are you clamin? I Bang that United Blood Nation