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    trade or sell

    lets post up stuff that we want to sell or trade. from cds to hats, clothing , car, rims or whatver.
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    the wheel man vin deisal

    anyone guna cop this shit? it looks tight i just played the demo and i gota say the game play is good and you can do hella sick shit while driving like doing reverse 180s and blasting and then turning back around and keep going
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    PS3 Wireless DL problems

    does anyone else ever have problems with their wireless internet on the ps3 when you have to do a update on a game it fuckin never downloads, it goes to like 4 to 6 percent then it disconnects. I hate when new updates come out because i noe im fucked i wont be able to play the game online...
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    ps3 game downloads

    i found this website online supposel u can download ps3 games n blu ray movies and all. does anybody else heard ofo it? is it true? i found this on youtube while searching for ps3 mod chip
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    New for 2009

    what yoll expect to see for 2009. I hope to see something new a solo of kriminal & sonny boy tokztero termyte lil coner hopefully cali thuggin dvd also something with poyo loco also for darkroom to put out a dvd for sir dyno maybe with all lthe footage of him from thoughout his drf career and...
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    Sir Dyno rapping live in early 90s

    have yoll seen the video on youtube.
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    anybody got any info on KRIMINAL..TERMYTE

    anybody noe whats goin on with kriminal from 559, termyte from 408. and sony boy loc. Anyinfo on when they guna drop shit or something. ALso maybe a myspace link if they got 1. Also casper locs
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    brown pride norteño rappers

    what some good bp homeboy rappers besides sir dyno?
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    what homeboy stuff are you looking forward to before the year ends?? me, a kriminal solo, casper locs solo, termyte locote solo, . what yoll hoping for
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    homebrew on ps3

    anyone noe how to run homebrew to play snes and nes games on the ps3 without the need of having linux yellow dog shit. i heard its possible. anyone think they can help me out in what the fuck i need n shit??
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    gta 4 new maps??

    has anyone also heard this rumor of gta maybe putting a new map download to san andreas?
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    termyte and the locotes san jo

    whats up with them , have they droped anything, i was up on the myspace and checked out all the tracks and they solid. definitely guna cop it, anyone got any info.. these homeboys keep it real.
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    exclusive lil coner and cali thuggin

    im sellin the dvd that bugsy was selling along time ago, their was a thread here you can check, its called the cali thuggin mini dvd well anyways i bought 1 and im selling mine. it contains the cali thuggin comercial and a lil coner mama tried music video along with other stuff only on the...
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    hot imports night on saturday

    who is going to go ?? its in San Mateo sixfity.
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    just let it out thread

    it seems like alot of ppl have alot of frustation on they chest. just let out whatever the fuck you want here. say wat the fuck you want.
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    all channels free.

    does anyone noe how to fuck with the shit like that. for dish network or so. on gettin all channels free? hit me up on pm or post comment.
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    whos got the dyno book MISTS OF MY CONFUSION

    whos got the book of dyno called midts of my confusion along witht the original cd it came with in a sleeve.
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    manhunt 2

    whos gettin this shit tomarrow??? im gettin it for ps2 tho ima play it on ps3. . that shit is brutal!!
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    question about a OLDIES song.

    im lookin for the name of the song that goes something like this.. "GARUNTE YOU LIKE THE RIDE" SATISFACTION GARANTEED. something like that thats all i remember. if you noe please let me noe . thanks
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    ITPG & G.U.N. 4 SALE click on the link. i post it here becuase this is were most of the audience for this rap is.