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  1. J

    no Ball(s) State

    Why were people wanting this team in a BCS bowl??????
  2. J

    Killa Klump??

    Does anyone know whats going on with him? Is he putting anything out soon?
  3. J

    Mount Baker

    me and some friends are driving an RV all over the northwestern US and stoping in baker for a few. Is there any sort of town near the mountain? is there any good night life?
  4. J


    Does anyone have this song that they could maybe put on yousendit?
  5. J

    Celph Titled

    Anyone know if he is coming out with a new album anytime soon?
  6. J

    Ipod DAta transfer program

    Does anyone have a free full version of an ipod data transfer program. So that i can transfer my music from my Ipod to my PC? my computer crashed and i lost all my music and now my ipod only plays music out of one head phone. Apple will replace the ipod but not transfer the music those fuckers
  7. J

    County Jail

    On monday i have to go to county jail for 10 days because of a second DUI. I have never been to jail other than a couple of overnighters. I was wondering what the daily routine is. Do I just sit in a cell for like hours on end? Are you allowed to read? Go outside? WTF do you do to pass the time...
  8. J


    Go get this shit it is fuckin bangin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See DuB!!
  9. J


    University of Utah still rollin!!!! Fiesta Bowl showdown with Miami??? Bring it on!!! See you in Arizona
  10. J


    who should be coach of the year?? Give up? well I'll tell you this guy---> URBAN MEYER!!!!! The U aint playing this year!!
  11. J

    Dumb Question

    On BET they show Black college football. I haven;t seen it on any other channels here. My question is do professional sports draft from Black Colleges??? Like NFL, NBA yadda yadda yadda
  12. J

    Prosecutor found slain in case against rapper...

    Looks like this guy took the wrong case....:dead:
  13. J

    Legal Handgun Ownership

    I recently turned 21 and after recovering the morning after from the hangover, it occured to me that i am now old enough to purchase a handgun (whether or not i am mentally capable to own and operate one has yet to reveal itself) My question is what is the process that i have to go through in...
  14. J

    Haystak or Lil Wyte

    Does anyone know what these two have in the works??? Anything new coming out?
  15. J

    Hot Collabo???

    I was thinking it might be tight to get Haystak from Nashville TN, on a track with either Dividenz, or maybe Mo X and Lil G.... What do you all think?
  16. J

    Charles Tayor

    I was listening to the radio last night and overheard how the BU(ll)SH(it) administration is offering a reward for the capture of Charles Taylor, who (correct me if I'm wrong) was the president of Liberia. Didn't Bush say at the begining that he wanted Mr taylor out of liberia. Well Taylor...
  17. J

    Most Loyal NFL fans?

    What team do you think ahs the most loyal fans? The ones who never switch up like all these other bastids when they're team ain't doin' so hot? I'm gonna have to go with Denver fans cuz no matter how bad their season was going Mile High and INVESCO are always filled!
  18. J

    woodies studio

    Ay woodie what do you have in your studio now? Cuz the sounds of your tracks sound different now. Like From NE 1,2 and Demonz in My sleep. NE4 and Lou e lou sound a lot cleaner, i'm really feelin the production. So you got new equipment or you just workin it different?
  19. J

    what is going on with the site? wasn't cali love supposed to have it up a while ago?
  20. J

    NE5 production

    Woodie did you do all the production on NE 5 again? If not who else has made beats for East Co. Co.? If this question has already been posted can someone put the link up, i hate searching around on a snail pace internet connection...