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    Anyone Got Adobe Photoshop

    Can anyone give me a link to the newest photoshop?
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    The Bay Is In The Area ON SIRIUS Radio

    Every tuesday at 9:00 pacific. They Had J.Diggs on last nite with Blu Da Vinci. Post Script They been playin the shit outta tell me when to go. Support the bay cop Sirius If you dont got it
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    Yea Buoy! I ceen It! They bout to take the world over. The artwork looks clean....DO THA DAMN THING MY CUDDY'S !!
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    Bay Rap ON Sirius Radio

    Mayne This a little late I dont know if yall already know, but I aint been here for a minute so I decided to put it out there, ON New Years Eve sirius sat radio played back to back to back to back Bay Slappers And they was sayin that they are representing the whole nation east south and west...
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    Anybody need beats? Hooks Or Verses? One Drop Scott's computer and Mpc are full and he needs to make some room He said he trying to get some beats off, SO if you ready let me know. He can also touchdown at your spot and use your equipment and lace you with a Slumper. Harm De La Rich...
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    Yayos so

    My girl bought it along with the kanye so far its so so not horrible, Yayo just needs to tone down his dubz That yellin shit is WACK!! I bet the kanye is classic but ill let yall know.
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    whats craccin tonite

    Any Shows? Events?
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    IM ANTICIPATING That New Quinn, PSD, Messy Marv, Cozmo, Mac Mall, ap.9, ap9 an fed ex. What yall looking 4
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    Messy Sample Question

    What does Im Too Thowd sample?
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    best notebook

    for writing in, yadidimean
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    Wat Is The Best Notebook

    To write raps in, I remember I wrote in this blue book one time and I want to find one just like it, Im A LITTLE supersticuis. So if yall could throw some names out there I might be abloe to remember which one it was
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    5 way menages at the W

    Mang I went to LA this weekend and It was Poppin, I have to say IM Glad to be back in the bay THo, But Cuddies dont get it twisted go to LA to promote your shit hit the bay hard and LA harder. I Made some connects out there Stay up To cutty Herbals and the big homie. Keep doin your thing Uno and...
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    How do you spell evezals?

    Yadda know the jeans from atlanta? Yut and TI rapped bout em, how do you spell it? it sounds like e v zals
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    I can hear A song I influenced for about a month untill I relize I had a part in it.
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    New Shit. Check out the myspace

    check it out got 3 tracks on there. Let me know whats good CTB Entertainment
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    JT in the Sauce

    Jt got a cool page in the source keep doin your thing buoy
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    Frontline Show

    I saw them cats in the b doin that show behind aomeba I dont know why they had a dj playing reggae at the same time it kinda fucked me off but i guess if you where closer you would only hear them. They looked energetic, but the crowd wasnt really movin(I hate when a bunch of stupid white people...
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    One Drop Scott Coming To SOcaL

    One Drop Scott is going to be in town this week. So anyone serious about getting some heated production get at me on the pm.
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    What do these songs have in common?

    Messy Marv- Neva B Right 50 Cent- Candy Shop ?
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    Yo Majors that shit is great. GO cop it if you dont got it already folks....its got sideshows, concerts, ONe dude gets mopped BIG TIME, breezies whippin donutz, breezies getting nekkid, and last butnot least BOttles Gone Wild....HA HA guys are some fools.... jack on Ghetto Gumbo cribs...