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  1. kRaZy kLoWn

    PeteDogge ( Petos )

    What up everybody! If any of you cats still remember our fellow siccness member PeteDogge (World Leage Records), he wanted me to send out a message to you. He's been doing really good, keeping his faith and fighting his case. He's finally been moved to a camp facility. Huge difference compared...
  2. kRaZy kLoWn

    John MuthaF**kin Rambo! ColXeVm-gxY
  3. kRaZy kLoWn

    Need help finding video!! (involves slow folk at a concert)

    Does anyone remember the video of a hard rock concert with slow people? It had them all dancing and one of the chaperone's was moving one of the folks in a wheel chair side to side dancing to the music? I can't find it anywhere!
  4. kRaZy kLoWn

    Beezy getting into the shower
  5. kRaZy kLoWn

    Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    Anyone here have this? I just finished it on the gamecube and i have to say it's by far my favorite zelda yet. I didn't want it to end!
  6. kRaZy kLoWn

    Message from Petedogge (Petos)

    Siccness Members: Damn it's been a minute. I thought you guys forgot about me. I didn't know you guys had talked about me back when I first left in “04”. I appreciate all the love and support. As most of you know, I received 15 years in federal prison on 4 different federal felonies. Right now...
  7. kRaZy kLoWn

    Show some love to Pete Dogge/Petos....

    Just posting this up for anyone who wants to show our homie some love. We'll be printing off the messages and taking them to him so he can read. For those who don't know about Petos you can find a bit of info here:
  8. kRaZy kLoWn

    Xbox 360 now with 1 year warranty - retroactive too!

    For those having trouble with their xboxes, this should be great news! Microsoft Extends Xbox 360 Warranty to One Year This holiday season, shoppers can buy with added confidence as Microsoft expands its warranty...
  9. kRaZy kLoWn

    PeteDogge - World League update

    My boy still makin noise! :),1925,KSHB_9424_5224971,00.html watch the vid here: Petos is doing good ya'll...
  10. kRaZy kLoWn


    Sorry to hear about your 360 bro. that shit sucks. Do you happen to know when it was manufactured? There's a sticker on the back that tells you when.
  11. kRaZy kLoWn

    TV shows on the net

    Lots of series and shows to choose from in case you've missed an episode etc. Enjoy! and
  12. kRaZy kLoWn

    Just Cause - 360

    This game is sick! If anyone has a 360, dl the demo off the marketplace and let me know what you think. You'll either love it or hate it.
  13. kRaZy kLoWn

    Dead Rising Demo

    It's out now on the marketplace :) I'm loving this game! Go here for an faq of the demo
  14. kRaZy kLoWn

    1000 Free MS Points, Pizza and more! (For Live users) Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday Party-In-A-Box We're so excited about the great Xbox Live Arcade titles coming out this summer that we're gonna party like it's … um … 1986! Yep, we're inviting our friends over, cranking the Top Gun...
  15. kRaZy kLoWn

    Prince of Persia Trilogy

    Has anyone had a chance to play thru these? If so which one is your favorite? For a long time Sands of Time was my fav, but I just completed The Two Thrones and I must say this is my favorite by far! Gameplay, Story, everything was excellent. Hopefully there will be more instore for the...
  16. kRaZy kLoWn

    Heard about Hyphy? Yahoo has...

    Saw this on the front page of yahoo just now.... TBIB! the buzz log What the world is searching for... Add to My Yahoo! View RSS Feed The Hype on Hyphy E-40 E-40 Buzz on hyphy, the hip-hop style that comes out of the San Francisco Bay Area and...
  17. kRaZy kLoWn

    40% off reebok online store & more (3/22 - 3/26/2006)

    40% & 50% Off Reebok, Rockport, Greg Norman Friends & Family Coupons 3.22.06-3.26.06 Online code: 40% off only Reebok Online Shopping: Promo Code at Checkout: 988666 or FFMAR40 In-store coupons: 40% Off @ Reebok, Rockport, and Greg Norman Outlet Stores 50% Off @...
  18. kRaZy kLoWn

    Dead Rising (Xbox 360)

    So who's anticipating this game as much as i am? Check out the new trailer!
  19. kRaZy kLoWn

    worst rap battle EVER!
  20. kRaZy kLoWn

    Details on new Mortal Kombat!

    New Mortal Kombat detailed Armageddon comes for MK universe on Xbox, PS2; fighter roster includes more than 60 characters from series. The first details of the follow-up to Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks have surfaced, and the news will please fans of the franchise's lengthy and diverse roster...