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    M Dot 80 Snitching

    What happened with M dot 80? I heard he snitched.. I saw the J diggs video where he says he even snitched on the Jacks RIP.. but never got any details..
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    Kevin Gates By Any Means 2

    Anybody else peeped the new Kevin Gates that dropped last week? By Any Means 2.... I think it's dope
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    The Outsiders WGN

    The new tv show on WGN network called The Outsiders is fucking dope. Its about a clan of inbred crazy people in the mountains of west Virginia or some shit.. but they operate like a Mob... its so much different than anything ive experienced or seen before. Almost a "SOA" set in the back...
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    The Seven Five

    Anyone else see the movie called The Seven Five? Just saw it on my X1 on demand... super dope documentary about the dirty ass 75 precinct in Brooklyn in the 1980 90s.. basically drug lords and hitmen but they are all cops.. shit was def worth watching
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    Lockup Sacramento: Zillas and Stars

    Has anyone seen that new episode of Lockup from Saturday where it was called Zillas and Stars and had interviews with Lavish d and some more ppl..
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    Spectre 007

    That new James bond movie was not that good. The action scenes were dope but had NO real solid story line or ending. I seen all the james bond movie s and this is definitely a dissapointment. Whay about yal?
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    The Knick on Cinemax/HBO

    Anyone fuck with the show called The Knick? Its on HBO and Cinemax. It stars Clive Owen as a doctor at a hospital in NYC in 1900 and he also is a cocaine and heroin addict. Crazy shit but its pretty good its the 2nd season on right now. I def recommend it.
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    Banshee on Cinemax

    Anyone else fuck with that show Banshee on Cinemax? Super dope show its on its third season at the moment. Highly recommend.
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    A Wax ??

    I wanna know what other dope songs he's got, along the lines of "Young Waxfase".. I know there's hella Wax fans on here that's why I ask.. That song is dope the beats dope and subject matter is trill
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    Texas Rising (History Channel)

    The new mini series on the History channel Texas Rising is hella dope. Set in Post Alamo 1830s Texas about the fight for independence from mexico.. has a bunch of known actors in it Bill Paxton. Ray Liotta. Brendan Fraser. Olivier Martinez as mexican general Santa Anna. Anyone else seen it...
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    Wayward Pines & Aquarius

    Anybody else up on either shows Wayward Pines or the 60s Charles Manson show on NBC Aquarius? Its technically not out yet but on my On Demand cable I can watch the whole season.. both are dope.. still weirded out by wayward pines (Fox) its a more psychological thriller
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    Anyone else watching Power, the new Starz tv show? This shit is ILL... The plot revolves around a kingpin drug dealer who owns a club, and is having problems juggling the two.. Executive produced by 50 cent.. It's set in New York, with a generally new/ up n coming cast.. The only face I...
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    Vikings HISTORY channel

    Anyone been watching the show Vikings on the History channel? It's super dope.. It's currentlyon the second season, its a fictional show obviously about Vikings, I think a little before 1000 AD.. It shows them and fighting amongst each other, including at one point the main character Ragnar...
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    The Americans (FX)

    Has any one been watching The Americans on Fx? It's the second season right now.. It's about a couple living in the Washington DC area in the early 1980s who are both Russian KGB spies.. They do all types of espionage, assassinations, undercover shit, etc.. it's HELLA dope.. Their next door...
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    TURN - AMC series

    Has anyone been watching that new show Turn on AMC? Shit is pretty dope.. Basically, it's about the Revolutionary War and the main character (Jamie Bell) is a farmer who by a series of events, gets drawn into the war by becoming a spy for the Americans.. He lives in New York in British...
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    Free Joe Blow

    His sister posted on his insta gram today that he's locked up and needs fan supports right now!!! Idk what happened, hopefully someone can shed some light! If u really fucc wit dude keep him in yo prayers.. Drop some money on his bail or something.. I refuse 2 let the system rob us of the most...
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    found these covers, dont know when these will be released... 'Next Day Air' with Boss Tone and 'Bo-Bots 2.5' with the Jacka
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    Jacka presents "The Artist Records" Compilation

    Just started listening to this new Jacka presents Artist Records street album... what does everyone think of this??
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    PSD Charged with Rape

    PSD Suspected In Rape PSD from Vallejo was a suspect in a Rape I guess? Heres the article... wtf
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    Mistah FAB "Ill be Alright" Video

    Mistah FAB has a new video called Ill Be Alright, kind of cool concept.. i think this is actually his store, I saw HD come in it for his new video...