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  1. MrDiamondFDC

    WWE Summerslam 2012 Music Video
  2. MrDiamondFDC

    Curtis Iaukea passes on at age 73

    Rest In Peace brother
  3. MrDiamondFDC

    good Dayton Family intreview

    YqEqS5pQqFg The Dayton Family have never really had a chance to tell their story until now. I sat with them in the Lotus Pod studio and asked them all the questions that have been burning inside you. One thing was clear by the end of the interview–The Dayton Family is going to flip your...
  4. MrDiamondFDC

    Serena released

  5. MrDiamondFDC

    I'm glad the WWE

    finally got rid of having two sets of tag titles. The new belts look fuckin boss anyway.
  6. MrDiamondFDC

    The Dayton Family joins Psychopathic/HH

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  7. MrDiamondFDC

    The next generation of Samoans

    Rikishi's kids, Jimmy and Jules Uso and Sarona Snuka were called up last night. Maybe Vince will put some effort into the tag division again.
  8. MrDiamondFDC

    Smackdown moving to Cable?

    The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Friday Night SmackDown will be moving to Syfy, an affiliate of WWE's longtime cable partner, USA Network. WWE is likely to make an official announcement later this week. It has not yet been disclosed when the move will occur or if SmackDown will remain on...
  9. MrDiamondFDC

    Baron Mikel Scicluna passes

    Baron Mikel Scicluna passes Written: March 21, 2010 World Wrestling Entertainment was saddened to learn of the passing of one of the company's Hall of Fame members, Mikel Scicluna. The company would like to express its deepest condolences to Mr. Scicluna's family and friends. Mikel Scicluna was...
  10. MrDiamondFDC


    Has it all. The dude is great on the mic, can get the crowd going to the point where they want to fight him, and is a fuckin badass wrestler. Jericho Vs Edge will be just as good as Taker Vs Michaels.
  11. MrDiamondFDC

    C-Rayz Walz Presents: Naptown The Broken Comb mixtape

    Free mixtape to promote "Circle City volume 1" coming in late March
  12. MrDiamondFDC

    RIP Survivor Series

    -Vince McMahon stated during this morning's WWE conference call that the WWE Survivor Series title is "obsolete." He added that the title has "outlasted its usage" and that they do not intend on using the name going forward. "We think that Survivor Series is obsolete, as far as that title is...
  13. MrDiamondFDC


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  14. MrDiamondFDC

    Killa Sha dead?

    I just heard about this. Anybody know whats up?
  15. MrDiamondFDC

    Ludvig Borga Found Dead

    source: Tony Halme, who wrestled under his real name with New Japan Pro Wrestling in the early nineties, and as Ludvig Borga for the World Wrestling Federation from 1993 to 1994, passed away last night in his native country of Finland . No details are available regarding his...
  16. MrDiamondFDC


    CANIBUS THE POET LAUREATE RETURNS WITH HIS FIRST SOLO OFFERING IN 2 YEARS OCTOBER 1, 2009 Whether you know him as Rip the Jacker, Saint Germaine, Poet Laureate, Kurt Godel Jr., or just Can-I-Bus, Hip-Hop heads all over the world know that Germaine Williams aka Canibus is a force to be reckoned...
  17. MrDiamondFDC

    Tell me what ya'll think about this shitz

    Tell me what ya'll think about this shit. I'm interested in what Timmy boy has to say. U5jyQ-r5v5k[/php]
  18. MrDiamondFDC

    Killah Priest - I Killed The Devil Last Night

    Wu-Tang affiliate Killah Priest has been hard at work. Just this February, he teamed up with us to give away his free The Untold Story Of Walter Reed mixtape, and now, we're re-upping with him for another project. and Tha Advocate are presenting this brand new street album...
  19. MrDiamondFDC

    A HELLAVA NIGHT June 10th in Indianapolis

    Everybody in the ECI area should come out and party.
  20. MrDiamondFDC

    Indiana & Michigan peeps come to...

    The Ironworkers Guild (I.W.G.) is doing a good chunk of shows the next couple months. Come out and join us