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    LADAINIAN TOMLINSON TO RETIRE After 11 seasons, five Pro Bowls and two rushing titles, LaDainian Tomlinson’s NFL career has come to an end. The Chargers said Sunday that Tomlinson, who spent his first nine years in San Diego before...
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    online betting

    whats a good site to bet on football online with? Most importantly, the hassle free payout... I searched for old threads but they don't really offer anything plus im hoping for some new replies....
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    Anybody down for a Fantasy Football Money League?

    About $20 or $25 a team? Lets see if we can get enough players together....
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    Another road game for a team that is in total disarray. A team that has been a total and utter disappointment in every aspect of the game. A QB that can't step up given chance after chance. A head coach that is looking way under qualified and unprepared for the job. Yet another Offensive...
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    49ers - placing the blame

    Who do you hold primarily responsible for the absolute horrible outings of the 49ers so far?
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    Adam Shefter: Jason Campbell to the Raiders

    Shefter is saying this will be done by the end of the day today. good for the raiders.
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    fuck this naruto

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    gift of gab - escape 2 mars

    this shit is clean as fuck... 1. E2MTRO 2. El Gifto Magnifico 3. Lightyears 4. Dreamin' (feat. Del the Funky Homosapien / Brother Ali) 5. In Las Vegas 6. Escape 2 Mars 7. Electric Waterfalls 8. Richman, Poorman 9. Someofthepeople 10. Spotlight 11. Rhyme Travel clean design too and the...
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    This is going to be a tough game. It will serve as a good barometer to see where we are at. Houston has a pretty potent offense but we're coming off a bye week after getting slapped around by Matt Ryan and Roddy White. I'm sure the team put in extra work over the bye week. In all honesty, I...
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    obama = hitler

    lmao this is hillarious... rTTwrQZl0qE funny how they say zero of how obama is like hitler other than photoshop is pictures to look like hitler... [email protected] the moronic comments also...
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    Celtics offer Rondo, Allen to Pistons...;_ylt=AhdBtNFBuXMmsJQ3_67KDlc5nYcB?slug=aw-celticspistons062209&prov=yhoo&type=lgns The Boston Celtics appear willing to make major roster changes to balance a chance for a championship run and future financial flexibility. The Celtics offered Ray Allen(notes)...
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    Steelers superbowl rings...,169248
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    Gruden to replace Kornheiser on MNF Gruden to replace Kornheiser on MNF BRISTOL, Conn. (AP) - Former Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden is replacing Tony Kornheiser on ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcast team. The network said Monday that Gruden will...
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    who fucks with the Chicken Tetrazzini

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    Cunninlynguists - Strange Journey Vol. 1

    Track Listing 1. Departure 2. Nothing But Strangeness (w/ Looptroop Rockers & Hilltop Hoods) 3. Lynguistics (Live In Stockholm) 4. Move 5. Inverse - Spark My Soul (w/ Substantial) 6. Never Come Down (The Brownie Song) 7. Hypnotized (w/ PackFM & Club Dub) 8. Dance For Me (Remix) 9. Mr...
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    Gunman 'lying in wait' kills 3 Pittsburgh officers Three police officers have been killed by a gunman in Pittsburgh - the second mass shooting in the US in 24 hours. The officers were responding to an emergency call from the house of the gunman, named as Richard Poplawski, 23. Police said...
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    Regular season is finally here, can't wait until sunday to see how the 9ers look in the first game. 9ers played pretty good in the preseason with the exception of the raiders game,Im anxious to see how they come out in the regular season. As long as our offense can put up some points, our D will...
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    worst sports team nicknames...

    The columbus fucking blue jackets? wtf... The 76ers The utah jazz I know the whole move thing but come on, change your name to something that makes sense... pitsburgh penguins? fucking penguins?? name some more...
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    Bride dies during first dance with husband DAVIE, Fla. - Kim Sjostrom wanted a real-life version of the film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," which played in the background as friends fixed her hair and makeup before her own marriage ceremony. But less than an hour after she and Teddy...
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    Pedro Martinez Cockfight Video

    Damon Bruce made a big fuss about his on KNBR yall think there will be any action taken towards pedro?? remember this is in dominican republic and its legal there... FBMKAOUfJCs