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  1. ksmoke26


    Wuddup y'all? Im throwin' my new release, Break Budz Here E.P. on here for y'all. Im also puting up my older mixtape from a year or so back, Compilation The Mixtape Vol. 1. Both releases are almost completely...
  2. ksmoke26


    Whats up y'all? This years Hallowicked was the fuckin' shit!! I got A LOT of pics for y'all! They were taken on my iPhone, and I was in the balcony, but I still wanted to up 'em for y'all! But first, heres the new Hallowicked track! Its called Im Your Killer, and I think its one of the best...
  3. ksmoke26

    OT: Monsters Ball & Hallowicked 08

    Anyone going? I wanna go to both, but im on probation and cant leave the county overnight. So I gotta pick one. I know it seems like an easy choice, but Twiztid is one of my favorite groups and I havnt seen them in probably 5-6 years. Anyone?
  4. ksmoke26

    K Smoke's Music Page

    Wuddup y'all? Im pretty new to this forum, and i wanted y'all to check out some of my music and lemme know what you think. My myspace URL is I have a few older tracks and a couple remixes ive done. The production is mostly mine. I know the people on this site are...