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    This song is dedicated to OSCAR GRANT and all my brothas unjustly killed by police @Face-Me @Young Lou @BAY AREA WCM @regimeforlife @rickyL @Mr G @:ab: @Gas One
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    NEW AGE MOBB SHIT - NoDotWon "The Alamo" (prod. SF Traxx) My 1st LP dropping very soon, if you fuckin with this let me know!
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    KMEL Home Turf 7/20 (Vote)

    Home Turf Week 7/20 | Home Turf | KMEL-FM Click on the 1st link to vote for KMEL to spin one of those 3 songs on the radio. The 3rd one slap, my nigga @A.R.(H2) got one
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    NoDotWon "Boom" (SLAP) Got another one lol, this is off of my upcoming album.
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    AR of Hardheadz - "Outro" (Official Music Video)

    CD__WevwwRo I shot/directed this one, this track is off of Gathered Thoughts Assembled 2. You can cop it on Datpiff for free or iTunes if you tryna support.
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    NoDotWon "Parlez Parlez" (Single) New music, I'm getting a lot closer to finishing this album. This is the first single off the album, it's a little different from the other music I've posted on here but I think y'all will fuck with it. @Gas One @Nuttkase...
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    Blast Holiday about to get out?
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    Aayyyy on some throwback shit tho (Henn Sippa - Rick Flair ft. HD)

    PkawksYJVac Been looking for this mothafucka for YEARS since it got took down. I randomly looked it up again today and somebody put it up on youtube, best believe I swooped this up with the quickness lol. "I sold the wet like Noah's Ark from my Metro Smartphone Whole zones, I'm prone to get...
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    GTS G Baby

    97NW6rTx7Hw 9eFehWmBbZU Lil bruh dope for being 17, he got a good ear for hooks. Been running that first track back all month, I'm gon be looking out for a project this year w/o jacked beats. This what he got out now: @heyzel
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    NoDotWon "Light Show" Been meaning to record this for damn near a year and a half now, finally got around to it today on New Years lol. Let me know what y'all think @Nuttkase @0R0 @heyzel @Gas One
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    "Now Or Never" (prod. Ben Devlin) New song off of the Fruit of the Vale EP
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    NoDotWon ft. A.R. of H2 Hardheadz - "Maze" (New Single)
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    "It Ain't No Tellin Where We Goin" (Jacka Tribute Video)

    Six months of hard work went into making this video... Let me know if y'all are feeling this one. lgsUYR2-XC0
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    "Fruit of the Vale" (new track) Been almost a year since I made any music. Currently I'm sitting on a lot of written material (songs, verses, half-finished verses, etc. lol), now I might actually have the time and money to start knocking them out. Also...
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    @AP9, I got a pm I was bout to send you but it says your inbox is full. I got an idea for a film project I want to run by you, let me know how I can get in contact with you when you see this
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    A.R. of Hardheadz - "Name Brand" Official Video (Dir. by Bro Jackson)

    xASkjOlDukg Dope song, this is off of the Dear Opposition album he dropped last year.
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    The official Kevin Gates thread

    1) Luca Brasi Intro 2) I Don't Get Tired (#IDGT) ft. August Alsina 3) John Gotti 4) Perfect Imperfection 5) Plug Daughter 6) Out The Mud 7) Thugged Out ft. Boobie Black 8) Sit Down 9) Complaining ft. Rico Love 10) Talk On Phones 11) Wassup With It 12) Don't Panic 13) Break The Bitch Down ft. K...
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    A.R. of HardHeadz - "Man Now" Official Music Video (Dir. by Raw Sewage Media)

    A.R. of HardHeadz - "Man Now" Official Music Video (Dir. by Raw Sewage Media) Just dropped this yesterday, it came out dope: t2_lwfKsDz8
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    A.R. - "Dear Opposition" discussion thread

    1. Intro 2. Dear Opposition 3. Last Laugh ft. Black C 4. Name Brand 5. Mack'n & Attack'n ft. Ayo Luciano 6. Man Now 7. Feelin Faint ft. Lecrae, Jay Rozay & Burg 8. In The End 9. Be My Baby ft. Martha B 10. Can't Afford 11. Do This Everyday ft. Young Boomin 12. Round Here 13. Same Cloth ft...