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  1. Carnage187

    AES this weekend?

    You should all go! heres a free exhibits pass I'm goin...
  2. Carnage187

    Exported reason song in soundforge muffled

    I don't know if anyone else has any experience with this, but when I play the song in reason, it sounds loud, heavy and clear. However, when I export the sound to wave and open it in soundforge for post editing, it sounds lifeless. Does this mean it'll sound like this in other players as well...
  3. Carnage187

    EMU ESI-32 and ESI 4000

    I bought an emu esi 32 and 4000 turbo and I have some questions... The esi-32 works perfectly fine; it came with a scsi cdrom drive and a couple of cds of samples (aside from the floppy disk samples). I love it so far. However, I can't get my padkontrol to work with it. I set the midi...
  4. Carnage187

    Classical Music Appreciation Thread

    I think classical music, or any music that pays attention to individual "voices," is great music, if not pure. I'm not sure how many of you like it since it's basically a "sit-down" and enjoy the music type of genre. Hopefully we get some quality youtubez, record links, and responses...
  5. Carnage187

    the end of the year thread

    List your favorite albums of the year and the ones that you are anticipating for 2010 Favorites Portugal. The Man - Santanic Satanist and The Majestic Majesty BTBAM-The Great Misdirection Soul Savers-Broken RX Bandits- Mandala Pygmy Lush Split Bat For Lashes-Two Suns Anticipations... Deftones...
  6. Carnage187

    Anyone ever tried making their own electrical circuits?

    i mean stuff like this I'm going to start doing this kinda stuff this winter break. I was just wondering if anyone else has tried making their own circuits; if so, tell me about it. I'm going to make stompboxes hopefully, this website ( has some good info if anyone...
  7. Carnage187

    Trying to go to Hong Kong, any tips?

    Not so much as to what to check out, but, does anyone know what may be the best way to go about booking a flight? Any traveling secrets? I have never left california, and i don't want to make a dumb mistake like booking an expensive flight out of stupidity. I'm supposed to leave around...
  8. Carnage187

    Party Down

    I just started watching it because it was on netflix, and i must say, it's really funny. I don't know anything else about it other than the fact that it's on netflix's instant watch thing. check out the first episode, it's basically about a catering company and it's dysfunctional workers...
  9. Carnage187

    30 rock

    I don't know why there isn't a thread on this tv show, but, i've been hooked lately, it might just be tina fey, but the show is pretty good too. anyone else like this? I just bought season 3 and saw season 1 and 2 in a 3 day span.
  10. Carnage187


    For a moment of time i enjoyed this, i forgot why i stopped watching it, i guess i should start again, anyone else think it's decent?
  11. Carnage187

    Wax on Radio

    For some reason our lab computers can't handle myspace pages well, but, i was wondering, are they still a band? I think they're my new favorite band, i like them more than gatsbys american dream now. That would suck if they broke up. Thanks to whoever gave me the cd.
  12. Carnage187

    introduction to copyright law neat little free e-course Thought some people might find it interesting, i like this whole idea of a free online college. Check out the other courses on that website.
  13. Carnage187

    Favorite Keys to make your music in

    I guess for us diatonic peeps, atonals can kick rocks. I never thought about having a favorite key, but lately I've realized I work best in E major. I think it's because I play guitar, but also because I can sing well in it. I'm not sure I guess I can sing well in other keys too but E major...
  14. Carnage187

    FMR Really Nice Preamp

    I'm on the verge of purchasing this preamp, has anyone messed with one? I'm going to buy it to record my classical guitar and vocals. My firebox has crappy preamps, I have to push the gain up way high and it makes it sound really bad.
  15. Carnage187

    new computer technologies

    whats the verdict on this whole dual core duo eight core triples and hyper transporting phenom quad cores for audio purposes? Has anyone tried any of the new stuffs? I'm looking to upgrade since i don't like my motherboard anyways. I'm going to have to buy new ram and a new power supply too.
  16. Carnage187

    how do you get rid of a user on the ps3?

    I can't figure this sister made a useless account for herself, and now when ever the ps3 starts up, it goes to the select user screen, and that's irritating. I have not found a single menu item that lets you add or delete users, i'm not sure how she did.
  17. Carnage187

    Rebooting question

    Well....for some reason, i can't get my windows update thing to work...i really need to update everything, but when ever i try to connect my production computer to the internet, it just tends to crash a few moments later (especially on microsoft websites). 1. Is there a way i can get all the...
  18. Carnage187


    Where can i get good lps from? I already know about vinyl collective, but i want to find lps from stuff like gsy!be! and the likes. Suggestions?
  19. Carnage187

    The most unapplicable-yet-coolest instrument synth thing ever.

    WEDia3CFdfg What will they think of next?
  20. Carnage187

    Espers-II This album and band is so good. It's eerie-ily soothing Check out their myspace page, . If you like music in general, you'll love this cd. Has folk and post rock elements.