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    Dam what a burn 🔥 it only took you months to think of this reply.
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    You the crying bitch . Tell your boot licking aunty to shut the fuck up and quit telling you stories about your dropout hero
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    "Who Killed Mac Dre?"

    It's funny but I don't condone that kina shit. It's good to see people get called out on it though
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    "Who Killed Mac Dre?"

    Jt called willie hen a child pimp and philty rich after this lol
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    Lil Pete

    This nigga lil Pete raw
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    Lil Pete

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    Is this from the 90s . slap though
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    The jacka D-Boy 5

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    DSP (& Young Akayser of Blackjack)

    Is this the same dudes from sac that had that song with Mac dre claim to be a mac
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    Worldstar Hiphop presents EveryoneLovesIce

    Ok nice pic. Where's the music
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    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    Jokers a cuck for bizzy
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    I'm starting to really not like some of the Low key feminine rapping nowadays but this goes luv the beat
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    Who Is Really Worthy Of Carrying The Torch In The BAY?

    Try n get on some more tracks with more melody. You wana find your song
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    Who Is Really Worthy Of Carrying The Torch In The BAY?

    That was coo. Put up ya best songs ima check em out uce