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    No Limit Auction Up

    Hey brehs, have a couple of no limit auctions up. Ending on Friday, let me know if any questions. billyblazin | eBay
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    11/5 ‎– Fiendin' 4 Tha Funk

    Original white disc....motherfuq these ring codes and different version of all these cd's. Anyways I have 2 white disc version of this cd, anyone know which is 1st or 2nd....ill try to post pics tonight but one of them is a white disc with a clear "center ring' with the disc code...
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    Hair Band/Metal Holy Grail?

    Came across this gem for the genre. Just thought i'd drop it here just in case any of you collect or is looking for this one....(I know I know who still buys cd's yada yada!)
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    Where in the world is Cellski??

    This guy is everywhere....wanted to drop this little cameo appearance of Cellski...I bought an Alcatraz concert cd from the late 90's( yeah I know who buys cd's nowadays, yada yada yada), was listening to a total track on the cd and at the end of it missy elliot goes in the crowd to get someone...
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    SFC rapper budweiser?

    Im looking for any info on this rapper, and album he put out....any info would be appreciated.
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    Blackjack and Lex A.D. Looking to mainly trade but may be open to buying, both Blackjack cd's addicted to drama and street to da grave or even the tape Niggaz In The Ghetto Are Better Off Dead ..I'm now also looking for Lex A.D.-Silenced by the greed cd...and I got some shit on the trading...
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    Russell City

    Anyone up on Russell city outta Hayward? Trying to get a feel for the love/hate that the siccness might have...IMO he's puttin it down for my city and aint he aint apologizing for shit... Im also interested in non-Hayward folks opinions as well.....if you a hayward rep you should already be knowin.
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    151 - drank no chasa (1995)

    Throwing this out there to whomever Looking to get a copy of this tape. If you have it and are willing to part with it via a trade or cash Let me know! Thanks for your time.
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    Value info?

    Felllow collectors I am looking for any ideas on value of two tapes I picked up recently, any info is greatly appreciated. 1. Kid Raddical aka emcee earl-judge jury and executioner 2. Maximum Security(self titled)-on serious sounds record label(freddy b's label... thanks for looking! also...
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    Hayward Rap

    What up fellow siccness collectors...throwing out there that Im looking for any Hayward related rap in cds/tapes/lps...mainly to trade up but if your not into trading I may still humor some fedi if it's something of interest... There may be a lot of older stuff Im unaware of but some examples...
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    Shag Nasty-Gangsta Habitz

    Did this drop yet? anyone know any info? I want to say that first single dropped a couple years back.... * I see it was released on itunes, so let me ask about a physical copy being released or sold anywhere?
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    Lil' Bo-Take the $ n' Run

    I posted this in the classified section but wanted to ask some of the southern folks if anyones heard of Lil' Bo. Album is called take the $ n' run from from 96' on GTA records. I know nothing about this and wanted to see if anyone knew of him, if this album ever dropped. I found a promo tape...
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    Lil Bo-Take the $ n run

    Anybody know anything about this tape? and I say tape cause that's the format I have it in, not sure if it was ever released. The tape says it's from 97' and if I had to guess it looks as though he's from L.A. due to daz crooked i and other la artists being featured...any help is appreciated!
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    Collectors Question

    To my fellow bay rap collectors(and Sac) I have 2 questions regarding a potential bootleg. first is the 2nd press of IMP-no prisoners on tape. I recently purchased one off ebay and it looks odd to me. One the tape itself is a white label and looks faded some whereas the cover is so clean and...
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    First Press Season of the Siccness

    I got a thread going in another section but makes sense to drop one here since the answers are not there.....but wondering if anyone knows the true OG release of SOTS? BMR only, Priority, local release only, brown disc, black disc,....this is for the collectors out there and it's the season of...
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    True OG season of the siccness

    Greetings fellow siccmade individuals, wanted to ask you folks over here if anyone knows the true first press cd of SOTS? we have a thread going in the classified section regarding this topic and we are not able to come to any conclusions. any info any of you may have would be appreciated...why...
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    Too Short tapes

    Looking for OG versions of Too short's 75 girls tapes and even the dangerous music tape....more so looking to trade but could humor cash offers if reasonable...anyone have some and trying to let them go let me know...thanks!
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    Anyone have any idea on value...

    just found 3 old tapes from the not too distant past..not really my taste in music but just wondering if anyone knows if these are worth anything... 1.)Hiero Oldies(97') 2.)ASOP-a glimpse of the future(99') 3.)Murs-Do More(99') thanks!
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    Question on a tape??

    Anybody ever heard of a rapper named Lyrical(with the "c" underlined)? Looks like a tape e.p. from 95', 5 tracks from v.s. productions, 415 area code...any info? thanks
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    re-released Big League Records Greatest?

    found a big league records greatest hits cd today sealed. wonderin if anyone knows if they reprinted/re-released this...want to know before I open it also anyone know the value of Esham-Boomin Words from Hell on tape tho?*just seen online that there is a red tape version of this album which...