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  1. Snakegang

    Nacho Picasso x slug Christ Washington shows

    Here’s some shows I’m doing in late March. These are the only dates and they’re going to be dope. Got a bunch of other shit coming up too. Let me know if you wanna come through I’ll hook you up in some way or another.
  2. Snakegang

    I'm back

    I apologize, kinda, for my xanex induced meltdown and whatever else I said or did when I begged to get banned. But I'm back and I miss you guys.
  3. Snakegang

    Ludicris supposedly mocked Mac Dre

    Anyone else heard this before? THE MARTORIALIST: LudaThizz: when Ludacris met Mac Dre
  4. Snakegang

    Grump Nasty

    My brother Grump Nasty has been doing music for awhile, but has really stepped up his video quality and raps recently in my opinion. Older one: nUGB7YusTLs newest one: uTRx9CbxYgI Any and all criticism or love is welcomed. He hasn't really pushed his music outside of our circle and I know you...
  5. Snakegang

    Volume fest in Spokane

    Me and my friends at Blackhouse records have this show coming up. Slug Christ's first northwest appearance ever.
  6. Snakegang

    Upcoming Walla Walla Shows 3-29-2017

    I've been kind of absent from here lately and wanted to come update you guys on our next shows. April 8th: Lil Debbie, Demrick and 1 ton of potluck. Plus Lord Lawrence from portland and some local openers. May 4th: Devin The Dude and Gifted Gab plus some local openers. I attached fliers for...
  7. Snakegang

    Upcoming Walla Walla Shows

    Just announced a bunch of new shows: Rob Van Dam and some stand up comedians 2/3 Riff Raff 2/27 Sam Lachow and Dave B 3/3 OG Maco and Young Greatness 4/4 I'll post fliers soon
  8. Snakegang

    Too Short and Mistah Fab in Walla Walla

    This one is gonna sell out for sure. Poster coming soon. The homies Karma and Nobi are opening. pD6Yhiz1FqU December 17th
  9. Snakegang

    Nacho Picasso/Gifted Gab/Prince Hyph/Ugly Gang in Walla Walla

    Just finalized this one poster coming soon. We have a hardcore band opening and should have on site tattooing and a barber and taco truck. Gonna be dope. Really excited for this one. Like always hit me up and I'll hook up siccness members for free. november 18th Nacho Picasso feat. Gifted Gab...
  10. Snakegang

    Problem and Raz Simone in Walla Walla August 23rd

    Next show: If any siccness members want to come, I'll hook you up
  11. Snakegang

    Ras kass and planet Asia in walla walla August 3rd

    Just announced this one. I'll have a poster up soon. We've got a power violence and a grind band opening too it's gonna be a weird one.
  12. Snakegang

    Nacho Picasso ann Avatar Darko in Walla Walla

    We formally announced our next show:
  13. Snakegang

    Kansas City

    I'm gonna be in Kansas City for a few days next week. Any cool places I need to check out? I looked around where I'm staying and saw a bunch of dive bars and a grimy strip club which should be enough to keep me occupied. But is there anything I should check out?
  14. Snakegang

    Upcoming Walla Walla shows

    We just anounced out next show it's Afroman on June 17th. Looks like it'll sell out. The venue capacity is only 350. As usual if any of you wanna come out I'll buy you drinks and smoke you out. We've got a bunch of locals on it too. And on April 14th We've got a show with Illest Uminati and a...
  15. Snakegang

    Berner contact

    Does anyone have a direct line to @Berner ? I've messaged his contact dude on the cookies website and no response. Thanks brehs. Also I anticipate and expect jokes.
  16. Snakegang

    Selling a ton of Murder Dog's and other rare magazines

    salzburysweater | eBay I'm selling a ton of old magazines and such. Don't get scared on some of the high prices. If I can't find one for sale anywhre I put it at top dollar for a few weeks and if it doesn't sell I send it to auction at a lower price. Shoot me an offer on anything. I'll be...
  17. Snakegang

    Siccness Vegas weekend

    Who's down to meet in Vegas last weekend of August? I'm gonna go no matter but other people should too and we can do it big.
  18. Snakegang

    Yo coop can I get a free banner ad?

  19. Snakegang

    Serio come back I started a petition to get serio back in the rap game please sign and help spread the word ese.
  20. Snakegang

    Slim Jesus and Trae tha truth

    I'm bringing this to Walla Walla. If anyone wants to come out let me know.