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  1. InfamousICON

    MMA Decade Awards

    Back in the day I used to post yearly MMA awards when this forum was active. Thought it would be fun to post some "of the decade" awards since the decade is coming to a close next week. FIGHTER OF THE DECADE: Jon "Bones" Jones HONORABLE MENTIONS: Daniel Cormier, Demetrious "Mighty Mouse"...
  2. InfamousICON

    Venom (10-5-2018) - Tom Hardy

    Official trailer for Venom finally dropped. Looks like it could be a decent flick. Trailer didn't really get me too hyped though. I just really hope they don't fuck Venom up again after the Eric Foreman from That 70's Show bullshit lol
  3. InfamousICON

    Vince McMahon's XFL Returning in 2020

    This time it's supposedly gonna be just pure football without all of the gimmicks. We'll see though lol Vince McMahon -- Gimmick-free XFL to return in 2020 This is the XFL, again: Controversial football league set to return in 2020 -
  4. InfamousICON

    New NBA All-Star Game Format For 2018

    This new format sounds dope. No more East vs West. Team Captains will pick their teams and the teams will play for charity. It will still be 12 players selected from each conference selected to the game, and the leading vote getter from the each conference will be captains. NBA changes...
  5. InfamousICON

    RIP Hugh Hefner

    RIP to the King of Tiddies
  6. InfamousICON

    Kyrie Irving Traded to Boston for Isaiah Thomas and Others

    Cleveland gets Isaiah, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, and 2018 draft picks. Boston gets Kyrie Boston got fleeced lol
  7. InfamousICON

    Death Wish Remake 2017 - Bruce Willis, Eli Roth

    Eli Roth remade Death With with Bruce Willis taking over for Charles Bronson. The scenes in the trailer look like it can end up being alright. I fucking hate the trailer though with all of the light comedy and fucking Back In Black by AC/DC playing. Back In Black is used in trailers for so...
  8. InfamousICON

    Official LA/Oakland/ Las Vegas Raiders Thread

    Season is done, might as well get it started. First up we need to dump Ken Norton Jr. Dude is lost as fuck running a defense. Rumors are Wade Phillips is already talking to us. Dude could make our defense one of the top in the league easily. Wish we could do something about Musgrave also...
  9. InfamousICON

    Marvel's Doctor Strange - November 2016

    First trailer just premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live
  10. InfamousICON

    X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

    First poster and first trailer is out! Movie looks good. Looking forward to this. May 27th 2016
  11. InfamousICON

    Overwatch (Open Beta this weekend)

    First person shooter from Blizzard. It's a Team Fortress 2 style game, comes out in a few months for PS4, Xbox1, and PC. Looks pretty dope, they're having an open beta this weekend. Overwatch
  12. InfamousICON

    Deadpool (2016)

    Amped for this. Seems like they actually did it right. Looks extra bloody, there's nudity, lots of cussing lol could be great.
  13. InfamousICON

    See the #1 Movie On The Day You Were Born and Watch It's Trailer

    #1 Movie On Your Birthday | March 19th '83 Mine was High Road To China starring the great Tom Selleck lol
  14. InfamousICON

    Suicide Squad (2016) First Trailer

    PLLQK9la6Go This movie looks great. Can't wait for it. I said in the past I don't like how they made The Joker look, but at least it seems like Jared Leto is gonna pull him off well. DC might finally have a great all around cinematic universe for once.
  15. InfamousICON

    John Wick 2 Confirmed

    John Wick was easily one of my favorite movies last year, one of the few sequels outside of a comic book adaptation that I'd actually want to see. It's Official: Keanu Reeves to Return for John Wick 2! - Lionsgate has officially confirmed today that it plans to produce a...
  16. InfamousICON

    The Hateful Eight (2015, Quentin Tarantino)

    First teaser trailer released today. _FECQsdLEWA
  17. InfamousICON

    Nothing To Report - Comedy Central Web Series

    This show is great, first 6 episodes are out so far, each episode is only 4-6 minutes. Stars Chris Jericho. OF6xCA4d_3A 0YG8N7U_k6U QfNhTVsYQcs 8_-guu95fSM wyosuKeY8TA UP7vQyWd3JY
  18. InfamousICON

    Call of Duty: Black Ops III

    World reveal April 26th A7Tx9k0C7Ic
  19. InfamousICON

    Daredevil (Netflix Original TV Series)

    Can't wait for this show, looks grimy, not some lame ass kids show. It's based off of Frank Miller's The Man Without Fear graphic novel. Vincent D'Onofrio looks like he's gonna be great as The Kingpin. The entire 13 episode first season is gonna be up on Netflix on April 10th. ZdNK8L3ZdmE
  20. InfamousICON

    UFC 186: Mighty Mouse vs. Horiguchi