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    woodie posters 4 sale

    I did ordered this poster and yeah I got it, but it came damaged during the mailing process that it got squished, so the poster is bent and wrinkled all over. Fuckin sucks, im not sure i want to put it up. But still nice to actually own one now
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    woodie posters 4 sale

    Hope so, Im gonna give it a try and order cause I do want this poster. I never bothered with rapbay cause I remembered peoples saying it took hella long or didn't get they order but that was 10 years ago
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    woodie posters 4 sale

    They really have those? Doesn't rapbay take a long ass time to do a order or even ship em?
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    Never seen any NE comps in any salt lake stores, jus his solo and DRF. Found out fye is shuttin 1 store down, even 1 independent store closed. Now its gonna be really hard to get physical copies out here beside online
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    Long shot and no any of yall appreciate literature?

    Im not far deep into literature or writing but Im off and on reading books cause of my lil girl is required to read for school which motivated me to read. Also Im really get into the lyrics of all the musical artists has written as im noticing how well they use words, they vocabulary, and...
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    Work on oneself

    Not too much of a change but little things I travel for work so I try to watch what I eat, I buy and eat more fruits, soups and salads, more chicken than beef. Cut down eating out. Stop drinking pop 1+ year, more water and tea, but still drink beer. All the hotels I stay at I try to take...
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    Will Do or Die come out with another album?

    Damn I haven't been up on Chicago for awhile, not into the new style of rap now a days, still got love though. Didn't know about that site, thanks for postin
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    Finally got into Death Metal for the past year, hardly listen to Thrash. Slowly throw some Hip Hop now and then
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    Just listened to white folks (e.c illa) for the first time today...

    One of my favorite rappers outta Chicago, liked his rawness lyrics and flow
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    Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

    Dude always comin out raw
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    Cool to hear them droppin another album! I thought 1 of them was in jail?
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    who fucks with Samhain?

    Yeah Im a Danzig fan but never got around to Samhain, plus its hard to find since I started lookin
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    Favorite chicano/puerto rican/dominican/mexican/etc. rappers?

    Zach De La Rocha, would he count? He had that rap attack flow and was fierce on the mic
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    Favorite chicano/puerto rican/dominican/mexican/etc. rappers?

    Mr. Kee Immortal Technique I'm gonna be honest and keep it at that. I like these guys with writing ability thats really open and jus flips it every time, for me. I can name 5-7 others that got flow but don't really step it up too much
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    Fucking Metal!!!

    Suicidal Tendencies bad ass!!! they been touring mad crazy this past year, they came through my city 3 times and missed 1 concert. And coming back in Dec. Anybody heard of a Thrash band called Havok? Heard of them last month and I been going crazy over them, bought 3 albums already. Check out...
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    R.I.P. MAC DRE

    Damn 10 years! Gotta throw in some Mac Dre all day for the Day of the Dead R.I.P Mac Dre
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    Fucking Metal!!!

    not into Cannibal Corpse but I always remembered that Mummified In Barb Wire song. Also saw them in concert cause no metal concerts were comin through for awhile. I think it was the self titled tour, it was cool
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    Robin Williams found dead

    Mork died, no way!
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    Other Jobs

    Me and 2 other guys at my work I trying to look for other jobs since its going promotion, no additional training, no bonuses, no chance of other position within the company. we all in the same position doing labor work, no college jus diploma, little experience. Any new suggestions...