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    Other Jobs

    Me and 2 other guys at my work I trying to look for other jobs since its going promotion, no additional training, no bonuses, no chance of other position within the company. we all in the same position doing labor work, no college jus diploma, little experience. Any new suggestions...
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    Lowrider Arte Mag

    anyone know if this magazine is still being published or no longer running? I haven't seen any of the last 2 issues. I contact them with no response back. I been collecting this magazine for years!!! I like seeing all the peoples work they sent in, young and perfessionals.
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    Talib Kweli-gavitas

    Anybody got this? Got it the other day. So far feeling 'Violations' wit Raekwon and 'Rare Portaits'. 11 tracks pretty cool
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    Lil Toro-Pain N Cages

    Anybody get this? I jus got this the other day, never knew or heard he dropped a solo. Listen to it a few times threw, seems some real personal stuff even the beats Philthy Phil felt lil different. 10 tracks so far good. whats with Lil Toro its not a Nasty North label release? on the cover he...
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    Cleaning gas smell

    I had a gas container in my trunk when I had to hit the breaks but didn't realize the gas had spilled til I got back. I cleaned my trunk wit laundry soap but still has the gas smell in my car for 2 days. So is there another way to clean up and get rid of the gas smell?
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    athletes foot

    I have problem with athletes foot really bad past year, if any can help. I got this job where I have to wear steel toe shoes, mostly cause metal objects around. Its to a point where it effects wearing my regular shoes where as I use foot powder and/or foot spray. I tried 2 ointments, bought...
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    Actin/model agency

    I got stopped by 1 of them scouts and made a appointment for the hell of it. Went for a interview jus being curious, dude was bullshitin me half da time. He was talkin I had a good certain look N couldve used me 2 weeks ago. Then talkin like WE gotta get me started wit photos N website. Then...
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    New Reflection Eternal CD

    I jus barely seen the CD on the rack. Never heard bout this on the boards here, or missed the posts. Is this a real album or a mixtape?? Jus wondering if anybody got this N how it is as if it got the same feel as the 1st.
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    Un Prophete/A Prophet

    Seen this, got a different view than the reviews said. Bout a half Arabic/Corsican(?) guy gotten 6yrs in french prison. Gets picked on for a bit then got a order from the Corsican mafia to do a hit for them. Becomes a hang around doing lil servant jobs for them. Throughout time hes been...
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    Its Complicated

    Anyone seen this? I saw this couple days ago cause a bunch of us took a friend to see this for his birthday. Ill admit it was a pretty entertaining movie. I thought Alec Baldwin did really good running after his ex, Meryl Streep. She did good too about playing along. There were some bland parts...
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    Sony A500L DSLR

    I didnt realize I was lookin at a Sony camera, I was lookin at Canon N Nikon then came across this. Basically the same story, beginner lookin for a good camera to start with. Employee told me it would be great for beginners til you advance yourself. Jus wonderin what you guys think 1st. About...
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    Sin Nombre

    Ever seen this? Came out early this year. Lookin for a thread, so sorry if this did come up before. Basic story is a Salvadorian girl heads to the U.S.A. wit her father and another guy as she meets up wit this MS13 teenager (I felt he was the main character), in Mexico, who got geen lighted as...
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    To get started

    I would like to get started to learn N work on some graphic design but dont know what Im lookin for what programs to get. I've been doing my ideas jus sketches, drawings N paint, so I would like to learn/know the computer now. Ive been to Best Buy, OfficeMax N Office Depot, seeing all these...
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    Laser Eye Surgery??

    I need to my eyes check and will be gettin glasses or contacts, which I dont want neither and thought about doin the laser. What do you guys know about it. Everything.....effects, company, cost, whatever. I dont think Ill look good wearin glasses and I noticed how it bothers peoples wit contacts.
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    Watch commentaries?

    Nybody ever watch the commentaries the DVD has on the special features? Before I had a job I was watching the movies then the commentaries. I still do now.There some good ones but I found some dissapointing shit. What I expect to here is HOW they made the movie N the people acting. Some are...
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    Amel Larreaux

    I know I got the name wrong. Have Nybody got her new album? dont know when it came out but picked it up couple dayz ago. Itz good BUT, it had the same style of song every track which I didnt like. Lotta piano N drum which this reminds me of some 50s style. She didnt change her voice jus straight...
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    Mr. Kee new CD?

    Jus a quick question. Did Mr. Kee drop another CD cause I saw a CD titled something 'Unseen'. The CD is fire like background wit a black figure N the middle. I think it was under a label called EPL Everyday Peoples LLC. The price sticker was N the way too so I dont know what year it released. I...
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    What CDz

    1st I wanna say that I have decided to design some tshirt of what money I have, but also a friend can hook me up wit some music. I always wanted to do one or the other but Im sayin fuck it N do both. I would like some help from you of askin bunch of question but sorry to say they might be the...
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    Zion-I, new album?

    This may have been brought up before, but I saw a Zion-I CD 'Street Legends' (?) on rack N wanted to know if this iz a new album or a mixtape? Im wondering cause it had some DJ name on it saying 'DJ ____? presents....'. Thankx.
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    Mike Loves Universal Session,?

    Does Nybody knows if he came out or working on with a second volume to his first. Nside the CD it said volII coming soon, jus wondering heard something. The 1st one is jus straight up gangsta shit coming outta the CHI, nothing I ever heard of or what to label it as of. Never heard of it? I...