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  1. CyrusTheVirus

    Do you still buy hard copies of albums?

    I like to have a physical copy of an Album. I mp3 if I have to but would rather have a hard copy. you still buy hard copies?
  2. CyrusTheVirus

    Re Post the funny old shit

    It's been a minute since I was reading up across the sicc help me remember all the hilarious shit backfrica human ass dog I found some classic posts but I remember laughing myself full retard up in the open forum. Post that shit let's laugh again shots out to the long thread goons and...
  3. CyrusTheVirus

    Happy 4th of July

    Happy 4th of July to the Strange crew and all the peeps LHrK0Ov4Zl4 do it real big and be safe yall :siccness:
  4. CyrusTheVirus

    3 times is too much

    I ran across a copy of Siccology 101 and had to pick it up last week. This is the 3rd copy that I've bought because the last two got GOT. 3 times is too much I probably could have downloaded that shit but mayne that album is one of my all time favorites. I was slappin that shit today and it...
  5. CyrusTheVirus

    LRTWLTE - Lets Resurrect The Worlds Longest Thread Ever (NSFW)

    So, any of the ol' LMTWLTE NSFW crew still roaming around these parts? blap blap :eek:
  6. CyrusTheVirus

    The Prop Effect

  7. CyrusTheVirus

    why the fuck are phonebooks still mailed out?

    Serio... does anyone use a phonebook anymore? with google who needs a phonebook. maybe a phonebook app for the phone but a phonebook in the mail....... still? what a waste.
  8. CyrusTheVirus

    Man, I gotta be honest....

    smack smack shea got that lawn game on lock cousin
  9. CyrusTheVirus

    Chatting with DirecTV about free NFL Sunday Ticket

    Alex: Hi. I’m a live DIRECTV product specialist. Would you like my help checking out? Alex: Just type your question below. You: how about giving me sunday ticket free for life Alex: We appreciate you considering DIRECTV, the #1 satellite provider, for your household. You: ORLY Alex: I wish I...
  10. CyrusTheVirus

    Dear Open Forum... Where in teh Hell are...

    THE LULZ is it just me or does the sicc seem to be on the rag this week. WTF where are the lulz at Get over your menstruating and bring back the lulz lets get retarded The OFFICIAL Save the LULZ Campaign
  11. CyrusTheVirus

    rip ryan dunn

    Jackass star died in car wreck
  12. CyrusTheVirus

    lulzsec haxors your boxes

    first... resurrecting 2pac A report is spreading quickly on Facebook and Twitter that famed rapper Tupac Shakur is shockingly "alive and well" in New Zealand, 15 years after he died. This is of course false. Tupac died in Las Vegas in 1996. But the link that is circulating, a PBS Web story...
  13. CyrusTheVirus

    CD's that slap from start to finish

    I'm talking about albums you can put in and just let them spin without EVER hitting next. There are a gang of albums that I would consider banging but they always have at least one track that annoys me or a stupid ass skit or something that makes me skip over a track. I'm looking for your...
  14. CyrusTheVirus


  15. CyrusTheVirus

    Now that's a fucking party

    ybxJhTHa8Zw but where the hell is all the vagina? and
  16. CyrusTheVirus

    It ain't Bangs... It's MA PEPE

  17. CyrusTheVirus

    I wonder what the Internet ID cards will look like?

    STANFORD, Calif. - President Obama is planning to hand the U.S. Commerce Department authority over a forthcoming cybersecurity effort to create an Internet ID for Americans, a White House official said here today. It's "the absolute perfect spot in the U.S. government" to centralize efforts...
  18. CyrusTheVirus

    America is losing jobs to this place?

    An Indian space rocket carrying a communications satellite has exploded on take-off. Live TV footage showed the rocket disappearing in a plume of smoke moments after its launch in Sriharikota near the city of Chennai (Madras). India's space organisation said it was investigating the cause of...
  19. CyrusTheVirus

    Pass the Brides Ass....

    TO HORSE!!!!
  20. CyrusTheVirus

    If your a lazy drunk... This is for you

    0FBbGf4mML8 How It Works 1. Fill up the cooler magazine with your favorite 12oz beverage 2. Add ice to the designated cavity 3. Push the remote control 4. Catch and enjoy!