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  1. FastLane/S::G

    why are people so fuckin stupid?

    *sigh* 1. i was on the 580 on my way to the new house in Scrublin today... got stuck in 40 MINUTES WORTH OF TRAFFIC... why? because some assholes wanted to slow down and see an integra (that didn't even look like it got into a collision or anything) that was getting hauled away on a flatbed...
  2. FastLane/S::G

    Eightbal & MJG "On Top Of The World"

    this junt here is a down south classic. this shit slaps from beginning to end... my favorite down south album of all time. discuss.
  3. FastLane/S::G

    bay area music released on vinyl??

    what bay area albums / singles where released on wax?? lets get a list crackin. i only own these pieces of bay area vinyl: SIC "Tap Dat Ass" Single Guce "A 'G' / Gimme The Right" Single Guce / Killa Tay "Firewater" Single please add on
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  5. FastLane/S::G


    somebody close this thread n/m
  6. FastLane/S::G


    i've been meanin to say this shit to u for a long time, but i KNOW u sold me a stolen beat... u took it from that fool ill3k.... and not only that, but that shit u sent me wuzn't even clean enough to record on... and yo ass had the nerve to tell me on AIM u didn't even recieve my money...
  7. FastLane/S::G


  8. FastLane/S::G

    ASCII matrix all i got to say is :confused:
  9. FastLane/S::G

    can somebody tell me wut the fuk this is?
  10. FastLane/S::G

    any o yall squares fuck with reggae music??

    this is one of my favorite music alternatives from hip hop... I've been light listener of reggae music since 1995, but i only became a serious listener a year ago so far i fuks with: Steel Pulse Third World Black Uhuru Bob Marley/Wailers Ziggy Marley Peter Tosh Luciano Gregory Isaacs Damian...
  11. FastLane/S::G

    man gets arrested for nuttin on girls face wow if that aint gangsta, then i don't know wut iz
  12. FastLane/S::G

    anyone hit up the jazz festival in the fillmore??

    i wuz out there yesterday, and that shit wuz chill as fuck it took place out there on Fillmore street from around Eddy Street to a few blocks past Geary
  13. FastLane/S::G

    BIG J

    where did u get that table in your room from the one where your computer is sittin on top of and how much did it cost u?
  14. FastLane/S::G

    10 appalling lies about Iraq Home » War on Iraq » 10 Appalling Lies We Were Told About Iraq By Christopher Scheer, AlterNet June 27, 2003 "The Iraqi dictator must not be permitted to threaten America and the world with horrible poisons and diseases and gases and...
  15. FastLane/S::G

    @ HERESY

    i'm watchin the Jenny Jones show right now you really believe all that shit you said?? :confused: i never seen u put down black folks on here before lol @ 'you don't think white people eat hot wings?' 'you probably ate a ton of em' where'd u get that hat from?
  16. FastLane/S::G


    i already know the git down with Kansas City, but wut's crackin on the east coast of the show me state somebody post up a list of albums outta St. Louis on here fo me
  17. FastLane/S::G

    houseslipper187.... can i ask u a question homie

    how come when i wuz walkin down the street, i seen all these people outside yo house? wut the fuck??
  18. FastLane/S::G

    Jazz Festival in Pasadena?????

    anyone come through shit wuz crankin off the HOOOOK yesterday i wuz there poppin my collar like a big ol yay area playa!! :classic: oh boise idaho!! they got the shit goin down today also, right there on Fair Oaks i think
  19. FastLane/S::G

    wuts your favorite song off of "The Hemp Museum"

    i've been bumblin this shit in the trunk alot lately, and i gotta say that my favorite tracks are #3 "For So Long" and #5 "You Gotta Buy Your Dope From Us"..... wut tracks on this album are you feelin?? btw, would you say that this wuz the tightest album that Sick Wid'It' Records released in...
  20. FastLane/S::G

    AMX featuring EYEQUE

    anyone ever heard of this cat from the big ass town dude wuz in a navigator in front of Rasputins in SL a few weeks back and i bought a CD from him.... sounds kinda coo.... who on here has a copy of this CD?