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  1. J

    Mr.Kee Mixtape?

    has mr.kee ever dropped a mixtape, if so how can i get a copy?
  2. J

    J.Diggs On Ricki Lake

    I just turned on the t.v. this mornin and j.diggs was on ricki lake talkin about love behind bars, i only saw the last 15 min of the show, and he didnt get to perform
  3. J

    everytime i go to the site i just get a picture of e-40 and it says that its re launching in two days, plus it takes along time just to load the page, i tried holding ctrl while refreshing, but that didnt work. can anyone help me out?
  4. J

    Tech N9ne Show

    Saturday, April 3 at the catalyst club in santa cruz ca. check it out at
  5. J

    keak da sneak question

    kmel was playin a song a couple months ago by keak, i think it had the beat from the pink panther, can anyone tell me what the name of the song was, and what album its off of.
  6. J

    Whats up wit 11/5

    anyone know whats up wit 11/5, they havent dropped anything in a while.
  7. J

    Mob Figaz question?

    which of their GROUP albums are better?
  8. J

    Yuk & Bo Diss 50 Cent

    the song is called thug lordz, i heard it at, it tight! its the first time i heard it, dont know if any of you have heard, just thought id post it.
  9. J

    Messy Marv's "Hypnotiq"?

    what album is that song from?
  10. J


    any1 tell me if its worth spendin my $ on.
  11. J

    Hustlin City 2 City Vol.1?

    i let my boy borrow my copy and his house and everything in it burned down, the store says its out of stock, how can i get a copy?
  12. J

    Whats Up Wit A Siccmade Show?

    any1 know of any lynch hung concerts?
  13. J

    007 GOON SQUAD

    in about 97 they released a single with a song called WHAT THAT 7 LIKE, and 211 dont make it a 187, i had the single, but i let someone borrow it and never got it back, anyone got it or heard it.
  14. J

    this is how we eat videos

    can someone post up all the videos that are on the dvd? please?
  15. J

    Pervelous P Camp

    i seen the cd at the store and i laughed cuzz these guys look like some j-cats, so i didnt pick it up, but my boy (hes white) will grab anything with white boyz rappin. i heard it and i was hooked, these guys got some serious ass flows man, they rap alot better than alot of other people that are...
  16. J

    Thug Lordz album?

    whens it supposed to drop? anyone know?
  17. J


    does anyone have their full album, i dont know what it was called, but it has a song called the real mccoy it was reel tight, i have sellin cocaine as usual. oh yeah their from vallejo. if you do, let me know how i can get it.
  18. J

    Fillmoe 2 San Jo?

    I was on assassin's (from san jose) website, and he had on the coming soon list an album cover for Fillmoe 2 san jo? when is it coming out? if it is?
  19. J

    Has Any1 Ever Been To A Mac Dre Show & Got Their $ Worth?

    Ive Been to 5 Mac Dre Shows and Ive NEVER Seen A full show! i seen him in san jose, and he got to the show at 1:30, did 3 songs and bounced, in gilroy he did like 3 or 4 songs, and the rest someone in his crew will get into a fight and the police cut the show!
  20. J

    whats up wit some shows

    the event section hasent been updated in a while. is there still shows goin on?