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  1. FastLane/S::G

    Playa 1000

    he made the beats on Deco D's first album... he's from the fillmore...
  2. FastLane/S::G

    Mass 187

    they were signed to lil troy's label i believe
  3. FastLane/S::G

    why are people so fuckin stupid?

    *sigh* 1. i was on the 580 on my way to the new house in Scrublin today... got stuck in 40 MINUTES WORTH OF TRAFFIC... why? because some assholes wanted to slow down and see an integra (that didn't even look like it got into a collision or anything) that was getting hauled away on a flatbed...
  4. FastLane/S::G

    tone or rich

    Rich, my favorite KC artist
  5. FastLane/S::G

    Eightbal & MJG "On Top Of The World"

    this junt here is a down south classic. this shit slaps from beginning to end... my favorite down south album of all time. discuss.
  6. FastLane/S::G


    lol you actin like kanye busted your moms chops or somethin hatin's contagious.......
  7. FastLane/S::G

    Chop It Up Clicc

    lol i know, i was just actin like a jack ass
  8. FastLane/S::G

    Chop It Up Clicc

    check your pms? damn thats a harsh thing to say to a dude
  9. FastLane/S::G

    best cd out the stl?

    Budwiza Click Tight (East St. Louis) Deadly Deuce 40 Grand Los Lyrikal Warfare 1 Dime
  10. FastLane/S::G


    i dunno, but that new single they got with kanye west is on some ol smoooov shit
  11. FastLane/S::G

    Anybody heard Coo Coo Cal's new album

    i got the screwed version..
  12. FastLane/S::G

    STL Folks...Looking For A CD

    yeah he got it, he finna make a copy of a whole gang of STL music... soon as i can get up off my ass and send him those CD-Rs... lol
  13. FastLane/S::G

    Bone Thugs signed to Aftermath

    lol and as long as they on aftermath, their album will never see the light of day... ask King Tee
  14. FastLane/S::G

    Jack Pot Records / Ghetto Kaos Question....

    i haven't heard of any of those that you listed... only Jackpot releases i know of are Ghetto Kaos "Guilty As Charged", Bohn "Strapped For The Season", Deco D "Soul Taker", and Big B "Nuthin But Game"...
  15. FastLane/S::G

    For all the people on here the hate Nelly...

    does MY ADIDAS by Run DMC ring a bell??
  16. FastLane/S::G

    bay area music released on vinyl??

    what bay area albums / singles where released on wax?? lets get a list crackin. i only own these pieces of bay area vinyl: SIC "Tap Dat Ass" Single Guce "A 'G' / Gimme The Right" Single Guce / Killa Tay "Firewater" Single please add on
  17. FastLane/S::G

    Finally!...Who Are You're Favorite Artists Coming Out Of The Midwest???

    them cat's outta Kansas City... 816 and 913
  18. FastLane/S::G

    7th heaven need a web site

    they need to get at me, i'll build em an online store...
  19. FastLane/S::G


  20. FastLane/S::G