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    Silver Linings Playbook (no martu)

    Anyone see this? It wasn't at all what I was expecting. My wife got to pick the movie this time and went to go see this, it was actually really good. I was expecting it to be like dirty dancing part 2 or something, it wasn't really about dancing. It's kinda hard to talk about this movie without...

    Tax return got me like...

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    Daylight savings

    You lose a hour of sleep tonight breh's. On the bright side, there's one more hour of sunlight to grill some carne asada for some tacos before you feast on some (fill in the blank) arreolas after the sun goes down.

    Best freestyles

    I've always loved freestyles for some reason. I get tired of lame hooks on songs or rappers that can't keep up with the subject of the song they created so it's cool to me to just hear someone just droppin some good lines with good wordplay and punchlines and all that and not have to worry about...

    Finna get married

    Am I crazy? Tomorrow, my 30 year-old, divorced with 2 kids behind is marrying a lovely 20 year old woman. I seem to get "you're stupid" or "you lucky bastard, you're living the dream!" as the response to every dude I've told about this. Wish a breh luck that this doesn't end up like my last...

    Best 80's movies

    I just downloaded a couple 80's flicks (Over the Top, Rad). The 80's were weird and the movies were weird too but entertaining as hell for some reason. There's some obviously standout 80's movies but what's y'alls favorites from the 80's I gotta pick: Rad (bike movie that was huge when I was...

    Movies with the best endings

    Sometimes I've watched movies that weren't that great until the ending and I really appreciate movies like that for some reason. What's some of y'alls favorites? Some of the ones I'm feelin the most are Braveheart Primal Fear Amadeus Hero (Jet Li) La Bamba The Shining

    Yo son...

    How does this happen???? You go from this: uo3rZjJB1hY to this...?: xI65Shx6zqg too much weed?

    Does a rapper's reputation matter to you?

    There are countless examples of rappers who either are, or aren't exactly what they say they are in their songs. How much does that matter in you listening to them? I always thought Spice 1 was a studio gangster, as well as Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, etc... It almost seems like if a rapper is what they...

    Your theme song/entrance music

    What song would you pick to walk to the ring/cage in boxing or MMA or come up to bat or come in as the closer for a baseball game etc... People who follow these sports know that the song you pick kinda defines that fighter going into that fight or maybe pumps them up and gets them ready to go...

    Have you ever fought someone you thought you had no chance of beating?

    This is a common element in combat sports, even though you could win a fight on points somehow. I think of a fight like Narvaez vs. Donaire or even Arce vs. Donaire where those guys went in to the fight pretty much knowing they had no real shot at beating him. Anyone ever fought in a situation...

    anyone ever have one of these as a kid?

    My dad bought one for my kids for Christmas. I had forgot that these were actually kinda cool back in the day

    If YOU could change boxing for the better, what would you do?

    This forum likely will never reach the eyes of the people that matter in boxing, but what are your ideas? The Performance Enhancing Drugs is a major issue right now so changes need to be made there. Bad judging has always been an issue but damn near seems to be getting worse and this really...

    Sicc OG

    Just dawned on me that I've been posting on the Siccness for over 10 years now. Shouts out to all the other brehs that have been keeping this site going for years. I've had some rough times over these last 10 years and to look back at all the hilarious stuff that's been on this site that got me...

    Anyone a single parent on the sicc?

    Hey brehs. Anyone doing their single parent thizzle here? I got a divorce last year and just spent the last 5 months being a single dad to my 2 and 3 year old sons. They left to go to their momma's house for 5 months which sucks but being a single father has been one of the most challenging and...

    Nicolas Cage's career on bath salts

    This dude is a lunatic xP1-oquwoL8


    Anyone know of any good stand up comedians that might be off the radar? I watch most everything that comes on HBO/Cinemax etc... and they forever come out with specials of dudes I never heard of. Some decent ones lately: Gary Owen: True Story Alonzo Bodden: Who's Paying Attention Jake...

    Best pussu by race

    I been with a grip of women of all types. Fat women, bad beezy's, black girls, white girls, Asians, red heads, a bad ass south african beezy with a british accent which made her twice as hot for some reason, cougars, etc... But I've yet to get down with a broad who's pussu compares to a Mexican...

    your favorite/best keyboard/workstation for the money

    I apologize if this has been posted before (my searches never pull up what I'm looking for). I want to know what y'alls favorite keyboards/workstations are for the money. I'm planning to spend around $1100-1300 at the most. I've been looking at the Yamaha XS6 and getting it used. I've never...