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    JR Writer - The Stash

    this shit go hardbody. somebody done woke this nigga up from dead he sound hungry like before. 1.Action (Intro) 2.Winner's Section 3.Dreamin' 4.The Great One's Back 5.Chill 6.Cinematic 7.It's Over, Pt. 3 8.In the Way 9.Yes Man 10.Styling
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    Young Dro - High Times

    this a tight ass album. took this nigga long enough to drop. i like this one better then pusha t album. 1.Odds (feat. Forgeeauto & Mac Boney) 2. Power Up 3. Strong 4. Bad Bitch (feat. T.I., Spodee & Problem) 5. Fdb 6. Djuan & Spodee (feat. Spodee) 7. Hammer Time (feat. Spodee) 8. Hello...
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    Devin The Dude - One For The Road

    new devin album didnt even see this coming.. gonna soak it in more 01 I’m Just Gettin’ Blowed 02 Fresh Air (feat. Rum & DNA) 03 Livin’ This Life (feat. Angela Williams) 04 Stop Waitin’ 05 Reach For It (feat. Snap) 06 Probably Should Have 3-58 07 Your Favorite Radio...
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    The official grand theft auto 5 gameplay thread ***spoiler alert***

    yep they are. my method to get rid of them quick is to drive fast take hella sharp turns. also dive into water works also
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    Pusha T - My Name Is My Name

    shit finally dropped. alot features but i guess the singer features just doing the hooks. bout to listen to it . 1. King Push 2. Numbers On The Board 3. Sweet Serenade (feat. Chris Brown) 4. Hold On (feat. Rick Ross & Kanye West) 5. Suicide (feat. Ab-Liva) 6. 40 Acres (feat. The-Dream) 7...
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    The official grand theft auto 5 gameplay thread ***spoiler alert***

    buying cash packs? wtf they too greedy company made a billion dollars. i rather we earn the cash on the game instead of buying it bc thats gonna make it easier for some lame with no life to waste hundreds of dollars on cash packs
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    Wrestling Random Thought 2

    you can thank kane for pap shango never coming back bc teh jkane character replaced papa shango. but atleats charles comes back time to time as god father. taht survivor series 90 gobbly gooker is chavo guereros dad chavo sr. also doid you know paul diamond the guy that played max moon for most...
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    Drake and OVO

    This shit finally leaked. im gonna listen to it more tomorrow to give my opinion. 1. Tuscan Leather 2. Furthest Thing 3. Started From the Bottom 4. Wu-Tang Forever 5. Own It 6. Worst Behavior 7. From Time 8. Hold On, We’re Going Home f. Majid Jordan 9. Connect 10. The Language 11. 305...
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    Earth wind & fire : Now, then & forever

    Bout time they dropped a new album. This shit is jammin hard. It got smooth vibe. I grew up on these niggas music. CD1 1. Sign On 2. Love Is Law 3. My Promise 4. Guiding Lights 5. Got to Be Love 6. Belo Horizonte 7. Dance Floor 8. Splashes 9. Night of My Life 10. The Rush CD2...
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    Project Pat Cheez n Dope 2

    This shit is fire and way harder then juicy album. Pat go off on this muhfucka and the beats too raw and wanting. "Jump out on your block in that muthafucking ram truck" "get your head twisted off like a bottle cap" 01. Project Pat – OG Talk 1 02. Project Pat – Real Killas...
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    Eazy E Resurrected Via A Hologram At Rock The Bells 2013!

    yeah that looked ackward bc method is 6'4 0r 6'5 tall. the odb one was better then eazy e one imo. but honestly that tupac one was fucking epic that shit sent chills up my spine i really felt like pac was back first time i saw it live on taht stream.
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    all-inclusive 1017 thread

    exactly. my peoples run a club here and they play all them artists you named. everytime r.i.p and act a fool AND tAP oUT came on that whole crowd got wild. I havent heard gucci played in the club or radios since 2009 0r 2010 when that wasted song came out after that it was over. people not...
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    Eazy E Resurrected Via A Hologram At Rock The Bells 2013!

    i used to roll pass the cemetary he buried at all time when i was heading up north
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    Grand Theft Auto 5

    lmao i said fuck it and paid gamestop the full price when i pre ordered it so i can get my copy bc i believe this one will sell out.
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    Eazy E Resurrected Via A Hologram At Rock The Bells 2013!

    I think he was murdered honestly. bc he died quick as fuck
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    Eazy E Resurrected Via A Hologram At Rock The Bells 2013!

    lol true shit. imo biggie and jmj is way over due for a hologram. honestly i think theres only one mufuckas that can pull this off big and have a serious hologram world tour off it and thats michael jackson. elvis presley, jimi hendrix would make a great vegas or casino hologram show
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    Eazy E Resurrected Via A Hologram At Rock The Bells 2013!

    they couldve done that better job with the poses and etc imo. it was rushed and not that good. i liked 2pac one better. didnt they or arent they gonna do one for ol dirty bastard
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    2 Chainz - B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time

    luda has way better and bigger ventures then music he been focusingon like his headphones, resturants, liquor, movies that why he hasnt dropped no album in years. also his new mixtape is weak as fuck so i agree with you about him falling off. but its a new era also so the artist that came out...
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    Nope wrong. He got black balled thats the real reason. he still got a million out that situation though.
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    it was the beat from big sean/nas/common song called my 1st chain off big sean album. he killed him on his own beat basically. imo Papoose and cassidy should form a group and body some these clowns