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  1. HIM

    White Man Who Slapped Black Baby On a Plane is Sentenced...smh

    Idiot....people just throwing away their lives over some stupid s--t..He should drop an album after he is done serving his time. If that were my kid I would have faded him out with everything I had... The 60-year-old man who pleaded guilty to slapping a crying toddler on a plane has been...
  2. HIM

    Nigga(Ninja) Turtles pt. 3 lol

    Hilarious.. Shredder is a Sav!!! "Yea, I called you Hector, nigga.. Do something" 5HidBZCu58s
  3. HIM

    Feel like arguing or talking s--t? Call the Gangsta Party

    lol.. Cx1J2CzNnS8
  4. HIM

    Adrian Peterson's son, 2 year old, dies; Mom's boyfriend charged with abuse

    Damn shame... A 2-year-old son of Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson died on Friday in a Sioux Falls, S.D., hospital, the victim of alleged abuse by a man dating the boy's mother, police confirmed. Peterson's father Nelson confirmed Friday afternoon that the child is Adrian...
  5. HIM

    Tweets tip off former NFL player about 300 teens partying in his home..

    Crazy story..Parents are trying to sue him for gathering their kids pictures online that they posted... here are the gathered tweets and pictures of the party Help Me Save 300 Here is the story. EOOYKYJUxWQ (CNN) -- About 300 teenagers are realizing they picked the wrong place to throw a...
  6. HIM

    Don't trust the edlerly with a gun....damn

    This is pure coincidence and has nothing to do with the Trayvon Martin situation, so lets relax...damn shame though... Xj3rb_drx50
  7. HIM

    Chris Bosh....smh

    What is he doing?
  8. HIM

    Youngsta handles adult after he wouldn't shake his Mom's spot.

    Nice two 2 Piece..youngsta told him leave his mommas spot first...then handled it with no gun. I couldnt figure out how to embed from Facebook, but you should be able to click on the video and watch it without logging in or needing a FB account. If anyone can figure out how to embed this...
  9. HIM

    Eazy E's Widow loses his Mansion...

    The 90's, “Eazy’s Playhouse” was the place to be. The former den of iniquities that was owned by the late- rapper Eazy-E (pictured), aka the Godfather of Gangsta Rap and member of the hip-hop group N.W.A., was foreclosed by the bank earlier this year. Now it is being reported that the reason the...
  10. HIM

    Why are so many people hittin me up for Pyramid/MLM Company -sign of the times?

    Man, I swear several of my friends on Facebook and at work are starting to get into these Pyramid and Mid Level Marketing companies...Its just annoying because some of them you really have to be aggressive with your "No, I'm not interested"...Then they hit you with "Oh, you dont like making...
  11. HIM

    Southern Mississippi Fans Chant Racist Remark Toward Angel Rodriguez

    People are getting brave these days...."where is your green card"...Maybe they should have been told that he is Puerto Rican, not Mexican...but of course they dont know the difference..
  12. HIM

    Michigan woman still collecting food stamps after winning $1 million lottery..

    This B-tch...! People love stories about someone winning the lottery and then giving the money away. They're less likely to feel fondly about Amanda Clayton, who won $1 million in the Michigan State Lottery but is still...
  13. HIM

    So the white cop pulled my boy over on his trip from AZ to Cali and took his DL's..??

    My boy was traveling from AZ to San Diego to visit his fam and chill with the homies... Here are the texts my boy sent me... (1/2) Cops stopped me at 1am and asked "why are you in california and you have an AZ DL?" I said because i'm from SD and just visitin fam.. This muthafuka took my AZ DL...
  14. HIM

    Would you eat it?

  15. HIM

    Twista - They Want Efx(Over Das Efx beat)....

    As always, Twista brings it...
  16. HIM

    My boy is into film and shot a couple commercials...check it out..Appreciate it!

    He went to Berkley for film school some years ago and just starting to get his equipment and really get into camera work and acting... I told him that I would help him spread some of his work around to the boards I visited...appreciate you taking the time to check it out... "Hungover"(Comedy...
  17. HIM

    LMAO @ Kid Trolling during Spelling Bee...

    LMAO @ this kid Trolling during Spelling Bee...
  18. HIM

    Automakers shedding CD Players

    By news services CD players in cars look set to go the same way as the dodo bird, according to a report in industry trade publication Automotive News. With content and computing power migrating to smartphones, which can now channel music, navigation and other applications to...
  19. HIM

    Turbo Tax Deluxe 2011 Federal & State (download)

    That time is coming is a download for those interested...
  20. HIM

    Guy dies 1 hour after eating the evidence for his older Bro in back of Police Car...

    Damn, ALL BAD...He should have eaten that coke himself..