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    Salsalino - Krispy Kreme

    This goes crazy:

    Systematic Racism in United States

    I’ve been over to the States in excess of 12 times now and travelled around the country a lot. I find you Americans generally to be far more polite, friendly and genuine than any other Wsterners anywhere in the world, hands down. So from my personal observation and interaction I find it really...

    New ads

    Not sure if I’m the only one but these new ads are ruining the website experience completely:

    Livio - White Jesus

    Still one of my favorite MC's of all time - he just dropped a new track:

    Chance The Rapper

    This is another one of "who the fuck actually listens to this shit" to me. I think the dude absolutely sucks - not in a Crazie Locs kind of sucks but boring as hell and completely uninteresting. I feel it's a case of kings clothes - it's inappropriate to not like him so everyone says he's good...

    Stunna June

    Anyone check this dude out ? The whole album is a tremendous slap

    Ova East

    What are people's thoughts on the album ? Want It, Ravishing Rick and Sent from Heaven are my favourite cuts, but it's hard to pick - the whole album is a masterpiece.

    DJ Fresh

    Jesus this guy is a musical genius:
  10. FILA|AUS

    Too Short - The Pimp Tape

    Looks like Short Dog is dropping a new one, the first track off it sounds tight:
  11. FILA|AUS

    Pooh Hefner - Hef Stay Workin

    Anyone pick up this CD? I'm a big fan, dude has a good ear for quality music and never slips. I'm surprised no one mentions him here, his whole catalogue is real nice.
  12. FILA|AUS

    Clyde Carson - Time

    This shit slaaaaaaaaap, I just found it by accident thought I'd share with my siccness folks. Check it out
  13. FILA|AUS

    Davey D / Pervelous P Ent

    Anyone have any idea what happened to Davey D the producer? I always liked his production, I wonder where he ended up.
  14. FILA|AUS

    A-Wax - Joke's on me video

  15. FILA|AUS

    California Living - YG, Blanco & DB The General

    Anyone heard this yet? The production on it is fucking amazing on a few songs.
  16. FILA|AUS

    Philthy Rich's brother?

    Anyone seen this weird ass website going around IG: FREE JBAY - FREE JBAY It looks like it was put up by actual cops.
  17. FILA|AUS

    IF YOU have ever thought your name sounded bad, spare a thought for this guy.

    Phuc Dat Bich: Vietnamese-Australian man’s passport photo
  18. FILA|AUS

    Jarryd Hayne views?

    Hi all, I'm curious for an opinion of US NFL fans on Jarryd Hayne. He is an ex-Rugby player who has been trying out with the 49ers trying to make the squad. The local media is making it out like he is a sensation and impressing US NFL fans, with headlines such as this: "ALMOST a week has...
  19. FILA|AUS

    Pooh Hefner - The 16th Letter Pt 2

    Anyone else heard this yet? I liked the album from start to finish (with the exception of two sings that Philthy was on).
  20. FILA|AUS

    Come to Australia, if the sharks don't get you the crocodile-eating snakes just might