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  1. NEMO

    We're back FINALLY!

    Beautiful! Good job Gabe
  2. NEMO

    Whose the best WR of all time?

    I know youll are going to say Jerry Rice. But I fuck wit THE PLAY MAKER!! Michael Irvin!!! He Beasted Every Db in the league.
  3. NEMO

    Best O-Line of all time?

    Has to be Dallas since Emmitt Smith has the record. Man, I really dont fuck wit Emmitt lol
  4. NEMO

    Whose the best d-lineman of all time?

    Reggie White! hands down!
  5. NEMO

    Whose the best safety of all time?

    Ed Reed, hands down!
  6. NEMO

    Best Db of all time?

    Imma GreenBay fan through and through.... im fuckn wit Woodson. Deion is ill but he aint no PACKER!
  7. NEMO

    Whose the best Line backer of all time?

    Its kinda a coin flip wit lewis and LT. Imma give the node to Lt since hes the blue print!
  8. NEMO

    Whose the best running back of all time?

    I know alot of you are going to make some argument for E.Smith, but I got to roll wit Earl Campbell, he used to just beast niggas
  9. NEMO

    Whose the best QB of all time?

    Imma go wit Montana...... Brady has a slight argument, even though his kicker won his for him
  10. NEMO

    hardens head is fucked up after the elbow! (pic inside)

    damn thats fucked up
  11. NEMO

    Messy Marv - Cake and Ice Cream V.III cover coming 4-24-2012

    coming 4-24-2012
  12. NEMO

    The Jacka - The Verdict
  13. NEMO

    Boardwalk Empire is my shit! (quick question)

    is Margaret Schroeder trying to give owen some pussy?
  14. NEMO

    Boardwalk Empire is my shit! (quick question)

    is Margaret Schroeder trying to give owen some pussy?
  15. NEMO

    Lol @ Ochocinco... He's done

  16. NEMO

    Hennessy vs. Patron

    Do you fuck wit the clear or the brown?
  17. NEMO

    The PACKERS WILL RUN THE TABLE, undefeated!!!!

    You heard it here first. We will not Lose a game all season!
  18. NEMO


    history always repeats itself!! Superbowl 1 - packers vs. KC Superbowl 2 - packers vs. Raiders Superbowl 31- packers(favre) vs. New England Superbowl 32 - packers(favre) vs. Denver Superbowl 45 - packers(Rodgers) vs. Pitt Superbowl 46 - packers(Rodgers) vs. WHO? We always go back 2 back go...
  19. NEMO

    lol @ TONY romo ......

    nuff said
  20. NEMO

    lol @ TONY romo ......

    nuff said