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    The Book of Ecay coming soon

    early 2012
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    Female rappers in Dago

    Any hot female rappers reppin tha town?
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    Young Dago Rappers

    Who yall think is the hottest young rap nigga in Dago I'm talkin 22 & under on this.
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    Can somebody pm me his hook up or something?? Let him know I wanna holla r something... thanx a million
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    Where's DAMU?

    Tell em I need 2 holla @him. If u got my math, give it 2 him 4 me. 1
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    Peep My Video

    Take a look at my video. This song is off my "Tha Best Thus Far" album available here & here's the link 2 the video <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><embed...
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    My 1st time

    This (Static Lounge 4/19) was my 1st partyin @home in almost 2 years & I just wanna thank EVERYBODY that came out that night. Yall was givin me just as much as I was givin u, & being @home, seein my folx, doin a show 4 yall that knew me when I was walkin... That's the best show I could ever do...
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    add me on my space & stay tuned 4 my 06 releases... CALIFORNIA IS BACK!!!
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    Ecay Uno on myspace

    yall come check me [email protected] & come interact, leave comments, listen 2 some good music &vibe witcha boy
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    I know I been kinda quiet 4 a minute but, I stay workin. I got some good listening 4 us in '06. I'm ready 2 grow up with yall, not blow up on yall. peace oh yeah. I got a few samples up at http// I'm still workin on the page but go check me out.
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    More appetizers 4 early '06
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    Get ready 4 me in '06
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    Best Ecay Uno Song

    4 those of yall who have heard the records I put out, I wanna know what r some of yall's favorite songs?
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    ECay Uno

    I aint been postin 4 a long time, but I'm back on the SICCNESS. MUCH LOVE 2 ALL YALL WHO BEEN HOLDIN ME DOWN, cuz I HAVE been readin this muthafucka. I'm working on a new project (just startin) & I'm showin love 2 EVERYBODY who been showin me love. 2 the niggas hatin, u know I'll shut u down wit...
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    Good Lookin 4 Supportin

    I been readin the posts & comments & I just wanted 2 give yall a big thanx 4 supportin my music. I put my all into Mental Scars & I'm glad 2 c that yall feel it was worth the wait. I also got some new projects that I'mma drop off early 04 & summer 04. Thanx 4 the support & keep ur ears open 4...
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    Ecay Uno"s "THA OPERATION ELIMINATION LP" now available!

    This is a collection of various songs I've released on compilations in the past year plus 5 never b4 released tracks. It'll b available in the sicc shop next week & in San Diego on April 6th. 4 more info contact me @ [email protected] or I rocc @ [email protected] This is just a prelude...
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    Tha Operation Elimination LP available now

    I'm releasing an album entitled "THA OPERATION ELIMINATION LP". It'll b available in Fam Mart Sat April 7th, & in the sicc shop next week. This is a collection of the songs I've released on various compilations over the past year plus 5 never b4 released songs. It's got some major slaps on it 4...
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    Does this mean Dago Is on the map???

    Who orchestrated the name change for this region? Is Dago a legitimate rap region now? I'm happy with it personally. We been @it 4 years but it's been hard livin in the shadows of the major rap game in LA, & the undaground rap scene in Northern Cali. Good shit
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    Tay Capone

    West craccin witchu cuzzzin? Holla @cha ninja. [email protected] We need 2 reconnect.
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    Ecay Uno's "Mental Scars" snippets ready

    If u'r interested in helping promote in ur area leave me or I-Rocc a PM with an addy & a phone contact, or u could leave it in the Money Hungry forum. Mail goes out Monday. This is my Debut LP with features fromGoldie Loc (The East Sidaz), Bad Azz, Mr. Tan (Baby Boy, Militia), Killa Tay, Mitchy...