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  1. T-Spoon

    Another bullshit fla case

    Michael Dunn convicted of attempted murder, not first degree. Dude shot 10 times into the vehicle driving AWAY from him. Wrote racist letters talkin about minorities while in jail. Rip trayvon martin and Jordan Davis!! Michael Dunn convicted of attempted murder; jury can't decide on murder -...
  2. T-Spoon

    Hmmmm. Re: UFC 151

    **MEDIA ALERT* * * * UFC®*PRESIDENT DANA WHITE TO MAKE ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDINGUFC®*151 * Thursday, August 23, 2012 – 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT * Las Vegas, Nevada*– The Ultimate Fighting Championship®*organization will host a*media conference call*today,*Thursday, August 23, 2012 at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m...
  3. T-Spoon

    Presonus studio one and maschine

    Anybody using both, together? Jus bought both and I'm having trouble recording midi from maschine into studio one. Searched the Internet but couldn't find anything. Spoke to a person at guitar center and they said the only way is to sequence thru maschine and drag the pattern to studio one...
  4. T-Spoon

    ufc 100 fight card, u know they had to do it big

    Brock Lesnar Vs. Frank Mir Georges St-Pierre Vs. Thiago Alves Jon Fitch Vs. Paulo Thiago Dan Henderson Vs. Michael Bisping Yoshihiro Akiyama Vs. Alan Belcher Mark Coleman Vs. Stephan Bonnar Jon Jones Vs. Jake O'Brien Dong Hyun Kim Vs. Jonathan Goulet Mac Danzig Vs. Jim Miller CB...
  5. T-Spoon

    advanced rubber guard

    nice vid of advanced rubber guard. pretty interesting. fold. Swh3GpqYOBY
  6. T-Spoon

    The Best P4P MMA fighter

    Who's the best in your opinion?
  7. T-Spoon

    rip scratch magazine

    fucced up, next month is the last publication. this is really the only magazine i buy every month. damn, damn, damn. fold.
  8. T-Spoon

    reason 4

    came out today, anybody gettin it? got an email from propellerhead sayin i can upgrade for only $129? but it links me to line 6? i'm bout to go to guitar center, i'd rather have somethin "in my hands", hopefully they can upgrage it their for that low. but yeah, im bout to go cop it, hella...
  9. T-Spoon

    reason and mpc

    i jus got reason. i'm doin pretty good with it, cept i don't like the "redrum" in it. i have an mpc 2000 collecting dust in my closet. i was wondering if there was someway i can midi the drum kits that are loaded in redrum into my mpc and bang out my drums on the mpc and sequence it in...
  10. T-Spoon

    ecay uno

    any update info on his album? fold.
  11. T-Spoon

    fabolous shot?

    jus heard it on the news on the way to work. i think they said he got shot in the leg, nothin life threatening. anybody confirm this? fold.
  12. T-Spoon

    Good Old Arnold Schwarzenegger anybody heard about these remarks he made about cubans, pueto ricans, and blaccs? fold.
  13. T-Spoon

    who's the biggest attention whore?

    allright, now vote
  14. T-Spoon

    The Protector

    anybody gonna c this? ong bak wuz tha shits, imma def peep this out. tony jaas a bad mofo. fold.
  15. T-Spoon having problems?

    shit's sloooooooooooow as fucc sometimes. in the last couple of days i couldn't even get on a couple times. this site used to have hella problems like this bacc in tha days but it got hella better, till recently. is it jus me? fold.
  16. T-Spoon

    problems with youtube

    anybody havin any problems downloading vids from youtube recently? i got that mozilla and i got that monkey greaser shit, but when i right clicc on that link on the top of tha youtube page it looks like its starting to save but it saves hella quicc and when i checc, nothin downloads. jus...
  17. T-Spoon

    are you racist? take a test.

    website if found, don't kno if this has been posted, but take these tests to see how strong ur beliefs are towards other races. shits pretty interesting. fold
  18. T-Spoon

    swf files

    anyway to save it on hard drive and replay it? i copied tha file from my temp internet files folder, pasted it on desktop, but i cant play it, even with some software designed to play swf files. can someone help? fold.
  19. T-Spoon

    everywhere i go vid- lynch

    anyone got that video RIPPED. tha only ones i've seen were streaming and i don't kno how to rip it onto tha comp. if so, can ya upload it? thanks. fold.
  20. T-Spoon

    homeowners asscociation question

    for anybody who knows, i might purchase a townhouse with an hoa fee of 197/month. i found out from my lender that tha hoa is in tha negative about 35,000. what could happen to tha homeowners if there is a lien put on tha properties, or would there ever be a lien put on? should i even get this...