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    The boy is hot, I'm liking all I've heard from him, that "Swangs & Twanks," freestyles, mixtape appearances, First Round Draft Picks, etc. Anybody got word on a retail LP any time soon from him? Dude needs to do a CD with Cham on the real, they are both lyrical monsters.
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    Which Guerilla Maab album do you like better...

    RISE or RESURRECTED damn it's tough. With RISE, you have "Keep Watching Me," "Rise," "South Side Story," "Still Here,...well, pretty much every track is on fire. Then again, the same goes for RESURRECTED. It's like trying to choose between a Modena and a Murcielago. Either way, you...
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    OT: I am getting Married

    In July. Send me presents please :)
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    Anybody still play WoW?

    I just got back into this game after a 6 month hiatus. Some friends talked me into reactivating. I forgot how tight the game is. They keep putting cool new shit in the game all the time.
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    Question about the singer Dallas

    Ok yall know the dude Dallas who sings on all the S.L.A.B. and Trae songs.. Is this the same dude who used to be the fuckin ringleader for Another Bad Creation? It may be common knowledge but I been wondering that for a while.
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    Which Version of Boss Doggin do you like more?

    I don't start new threads very often but my friend and I like each version of Boss Doggin more than the other. I like the og one on My Dogs For Life more, but he likes the remix on Celcius more. The og beat is just savage to me, and when Tech comes on and it switches to the planet rock style...
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    Scarface, Z-Ro, Bun-B - Snitch Nigga

    Can anyone post up this track? I used to have it but I can't find it. I know its old but its hard as hell. Thanks to whoever can help out. -sliZZle
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    What is TRAE Up to?

    I am ready for a new Trae album. I mean a REAL LP, not a mixtape -- don't get me wrong, the mixtapes are tight as hell, I really like that Return of the Streetz, but it's not on the level of Same Thing Different Day. That cd is in a league of its own to me. Anybody know what's the word on a...
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    Sandman -- To Whom It May Concern

    Did this CD ever drop? I remember hearing some snippets from it a while ago, then didn't hear anything for a long time. Any info?
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    Good Clubs in Seattle

    What's up everybody, I haven't lived in Seattle for too long and I don't know what clubs pop off and and whatnot. Anyone recommend some places that play some good underground rap and club jams (not that Kube 93 shit) ? Preciate it. I'm up on Capitol Hill, for the record, right off...
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    Tech N9ne in Seattle

    Anyone going to the Tech N9ne concert on May 21st?
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    Question about Everready

    I remember hearing a while ago that Seven was doing a large part of the production on Everready: The Religion. Can anyone substantiate this?
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    Question about Chamillionaire Greatest Hits CD

    I bought Chamillionaire's Greatest Hits CD on ebay and when I got it, the shit looked bootleg like a motherfucker...the insert looked like somebody printed the shit off at home on their printer, 2 cd's stacked in a single cd jewel case, etc. The seller insisted it wasn't a fake. Can anyone who...
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    Weed in Seattle?

    Whats up everyone, I am in Seattle for the summer and don't really know too many peeps up here, no connections and I've gone too long without chronic, can anyone hook me up? I can get around, from Everett to Shoreline. Come on I know one of yall got some weed to sell... PEACE
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    Tech N9ne Concert in Seattle

    Just wanted to let all of you playas in the Northwest know that Tech N9ne is touring this summer and will be in Seattle on June 14th, tentatively at the Catwalk Club. I will be there if I'm in Seattle then. D-Sane, I heard a rumor that you are a Tech fan; if that's true, you might want to look...
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    Skatterman & Snug Brim Album in May??

    I will bet a stack that this album will get pushed back, but their website says the new album Urban Legendz is coming out May 27th..anyone know some shit about it?
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    Anybody in Lawrence want the Trajik CD?

    Hey, if anybody is in the Lawrence, KS area and wants a copy of the new Trajik - 1ne of a Kynd CD but doesnt want to order online for whatever reason, hit me up and I will personally deliver one to your doorstep. $10 even. Have a nice day:classic:
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    Anybody in Lawrence want a Trajik CD?

    Hey, if anybody is in the Lawrence area and wants a copy of the new Trajik CD but doesnt want to order online for whatever reason, hit me up and I will personally deliver one to your doorstep :classic: $10 even. Have a nice day
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    hey Zer0.

    u gotta see this reminded me of u instantly when i read it..hahaha check it out:
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    Anybody play Marvel Vs. Capcom 2??

    I used to play this game Marvel vs. Capcom 2 in the arcades a long time ago, and I just got it on PS2 and I've been playing it non stop. Anybody else play it at all? This game is the SHIT u get to fight as a bunch of comic book characters like some X-Men and spider man and shit..if u like...