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  1. bay2mi

    The Sarah Silverman Program

    why is it that no one fucks with this show? AIOA5VkOJWo Tjvs8qeh-fw it has me dying every time i watch it. The last episode may be the only shitty one that I can think of, besides the shooting scene it was pretty gay.
  2. bay2mi

    the bay rap game is fu**ing up

    so are bay rappers just gonna keep trying to copy the souths formula... 5 years after they do it? first it was crunk... err sorry, hyphy... now everyone wants to use autotune and rap about lean? (10+ years after) lol I mean, I hope that works out... in the mean time I guess that just means...
  3. bay2mi

    street album missing song

    on waxfase 2, the track with "the album" snippets there was 1 song that had lyrics like am I tripping or is this not on the album? song sounded dope... what happened?
  4. bay2mi


    why the fuck are they 10$s a pack? just a month ago they jumped up to 8$s, now they're 10? :angry:
  5. bay2mi

    whats going on with dem hoodstarz?

    any of there projects dropping soon or is everything on hold because of the personal issues?
  6. bay2mi

    Baitcar in oakland - who got blurped?

    I know someone on here knows someone that got wrapped on the show... which dumb ass was yours?
  7. bay2mi

    flipsyde under the sun

    anyone heard this? flipsyde is dope, theyre kinda selling out with that female that got added to the group but what can you do. these cats are the closest thing the bay gots to blowing and get no love on here.
  8. bay2mi

    18 with a bullet documentary

    anyone seen this? pretty decent, especially life of a killer, the jekyl and hyde of slappy, and just being the average ass people in the down time in the documentary was shown pretty well. And the weed they got has to be the worst looking weed ive ever seen... while they dont show much in the...
  9. bay2mi

    Looking to hire somebody for quick logo

    Need a simple logo made up, either the letters "ML" in fancy lettering or some type of simple design. It's going to be on a pill bottle, open to anything so long as its simple and semi feminine. Let me know prices or hit my PM.
  10. bay2mi

    H.A.D. christmas shopping

  11. bay2mi

    code of the streets video ever drop?

    anyone know if dem hoodstarz dropped(or even filmed) that video? songs a hit even though it doesnt seem to get mentioned