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    Tighter car to roll in KC?

    This is off topic, but what would you guys rather roll in KC, the new bodystyle 2007 Escalade or a Range Rover Sport? Thanks fellas. Ta TownBacker
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    I may be able to help X, legal help.

    Heres the deal, I am a second year law student at the University of Kansas. After your second year you can do everything a lawyer does, even though you haven't graduated law school yet. They just sign off on everything you do. If the information I read in that long post, and I didn't read the...
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    Lil C.S. ?

    Whats C.S.? I saw your post about Mac Dre, it's a damm shame. I was gonna PM you to ask about the other rapper they mentioned being murdered in the KC Star article from SD, but I see you said it was Baby Mike Loc. Was he on some of your CD's? I swear I remember hearing him on there. Anyways...
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    Just heard Woodie for the first time

    Man I gotta say this cat is tight. I played ball in San Diego in college and all my boys from the Bay use to always talk about this cat, I never had heard him till just now. I gotta say every song I have heard is tight. I gotta swoop a few more of his CD's. Good shit man...
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    Would ya'll trade a Lade for an H2?

    Here is my Lade, I am thinking about trading it for an H2 or maybe a Navi, what do you guys think? Ta TownBacker
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    Would anyone fight these guys? Would ya'll fight either of these guys? Also anyone know what record label the Puerto Rican guy at the end is talking about? Ta TownBacker
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    Did Devin Steal the "Da Summa" beat?

    In his new song did Devin the Dude jack 3-6's "Da Summa" beat or did they jack it when they made that song originally? Ta TownBacker
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    Did Tech try to Patent the "n9ne"?

    Did Tech try to trademark the "n9ne"? I was thinking about this the last time I was in Vegas (a few weeks ago) because at the Palms casino there is a steak house called "n9ne". This is something that can be patented and if anyone wants to use it they would have to pay a substantial...
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    Midwest Playaz- Purgatory

    Cairo- here is a message I wrote about that CD you were wondering about. It's the Midwest Playerz with their album Purgatory, some of the songs are "Dopestar" and damm I forget but it was one of the 1st CD's I remember really reppin' KCK (Kansas City, Kansas), I got it in 1996. It was probably...
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    Court Dog and Bizzy Bone- Mob Life

    What ever happened to this idea, on Kansas City Chief it said it was gonna happen. Also where has Court Dog been, in my opinion he is one of the tightest out of KC. Ta TownBacker
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    Help getting the Bohn CD

    I need some help getting at that Bohn CD, I am attempting to further a paper I wrote in College entitled "Bangin' on Wax" which chronicles real rappers v. main stream. This will hopefully be part of a new book about Rap music. I want to put a Midwest twist on it, because thats where I am from...
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    San Diego Toreros

    How far will they go? I think people are gonna have trouble guarding my boy Jason Keep! Ta TownBacker
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    New Evil Loc

    Anyone know when this somes out? Check his website Ta TownBacker
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    What song is this?

    Sorry this is off teh tech n9ne subject but, whats that new song I keep hearing that is a remix of that 80's song "Cars"? It says something like "They sleep with me because of 22's"? I need to know great song. Please help me. Ta...
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    Ass Clown who heckled Tech at Bada Bing!

    Yo, I was at this show last night at Bada Bing's in Lawrence and when Tech's boy lost his bracelet, this Frat guy with a sweater around his neck and short Khacki walking shorts was heckling him saying it cost $13 bucks, not 13 G's! Anyone remember that? We had to show him out in the lot street...
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    Midwest Playerz? Anyone

    Anyone heard of these fools and know of anywhere I can get their CD, it got lost with all my other Midwest stuff a whle back, can't replace this one, it is the CD that really got me into Midwest rap. Ta TownBacker
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    New Website, full of sluts from your zip code! Check this out! These guys are soon to release a DVD with naked chicks like a "Girls Gone Wild", only crazier! What do you guys think, obviously there is a lot of sarcasm with the site. Ta...
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    New Website!

    Sorry this doesn't have anything to do with Ghetto World, although we are gonna link to it if Lil C.S. says it's cool, but this is me and my boys website, it's kind of a joke but we are making a video like girls gone wild, we have been getting about 25 hits a day and climbing so check it out. We...