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    flash mobs.

    have you guys herd about this shit. people in new york set up thesse events over the internet where hundreds of people show up at some random ass public place and party. the show up at a burger king or a subway station 200 deep and have a party. we should do this same thing except we should show...
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    shows or concerts going on??

    whats up yall i aint been on this board in a cool minute. probaly almost a year. oh well. anybody know about some events going on in the near future.
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    pimp test

    interesting test you should check out
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    anybody interested in having music videos put together for them??

    anybody interested in having a music video put together for them. me and my cousin have been investing in some serious as film equipment for a film company where starting and we where thinking about freelancing out to rappers. you can probally get a music video done by me just like you want it...
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    Gangsta Flea

    man. i was just looking in the paper and i just saw my boy gangsta flea just got caught up on a murder beef. shit was all up in the paper. it really triped me out because ive been folks with that fool since i was 15. crazy shit.
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    the b-12 movie

    whats up cousin when we gonna get our little project started. ive been calling you off the hook. when can we meet up. i can meet you at 80 west or where ever is convenient. if you dont have my phone number. just hit me on the pm or e-mail [email protected]
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    can you name this song??

    anyone remember the name of this song on this site... the lyrics are on the site but you gotta turn up your volume to hear the song!
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    colleges in L.A. area

    i just applied to long beach state. wondering if its a good school. i dont really know nothin about L.A. and the schools down there. what are some coo schools. just remember im no Allen Einstein so im probaly not gonna be hitting up u.c.l.a. so what are some coo places in LA and what not?
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    crazy ass sites!

    just some sites to get you ready for halloween. :(
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    i was down south and some of my cousins where telling me that they drink cough syrup with codine in it. do they really have cough syrup that you can buy with codine in it? is this just a texas thing or what?
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    sun glasses (a.k.a. stunas)

    ok. i cant seem to find any tight ass sun glasses in the bay. does anybody know of any stores that sell stunas or web sites. i just want the cheap ones that look tight. when i was down south i saw them everywhere but i cant find them up here.
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    when i was down south some of my cousins had me listening to this fool zero from houston i think. i was digging his shit. anybody else herd of him? what are some good albums?
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    baby beesh videos?

    i cant remember which ones but he had some tight ass videos with south park mexican a while ago. i was wondering if anybody knows if i can find them on the internet.
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    bay area girls are stuck up!!

    i never noticed how stuck up the girls in the bay area where untill i went to other cities like atlanta, L.A., seattle, las vegas. girls down in those cities will just walk up to you and give you there number. even the fine ass girls will give you a chance. if you walk up to a fine ass girl in a...
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    sideshow tapes for sale!!!

    SIDESHOW TAPES!!!! once again the sideshow tapes are back. i got hours of doughnuts, naked bitchs flashing the camera, riots, brutal ass fights, project fights, daytona beach freaknik, tight ass cars, bay area shit, and other shit. its $15 for one tape. $25 for two and $30 for 3. all the tapes...
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    rappin forte video "ill be around"

    anybody got a copy of this video? i wanna buy it.
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    i herd mac dre had a concert in gilroy today or sometime soon any info?? also whats up with that e-40 concert in salinas??
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    tampa florida??

    me and my girl are actualy thinking of moving down there because she has alot of family down there and it seems like we could live kinda fat down there. so anyways has anybody been down there? anybody got any pros or cons about florida or reasons why cali is better? are there any rappers down...
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    c-bo concerts?

    i herd there was gonna be a c-bo concert in san jose soon. anybody got info?
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    book "dying ground"

    this book is a FUCKING TRIP! its a gangster book set in the bay area back in 1989. its about a click of drug dealers. the main character drives a fucking cougar on gold zeniths. it goes to hoods like north oakland, berkley, west oakland, hunters point, vallejo, east oakland, L.A., and even out...