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    Popcorn Doey rock TURF TALK

    check this slap out so great sickwidit yeeee
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    bubba sparx is....

    a fuckin joke that ms. new booty song is horrible , i cant believe people listen to that garbage
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    house arrest

    man i'm on house arrest rit now . cant even run to the grocery store , this county bracelet is so gay . all i gotta say is don't drink and drive or you have to sleep next to your girlfriend everynite , 5 months of this wooooooooooooo
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    Jump on the band wagon

    the BREWERS are goin to the world series 4 & 0 , 162 & o by october yeeeeeee
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    anyone ever .....

    hear this lay low cd ? i cant figure how to put the pic in this thread , 40 , turf b-la, fed gang and san quinn featured on it , looks like it dropped on shot records
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    thizzhustle beats.........

    women i seen this guy pound on 2 women in the last 2 weeks , he's a fuckin creep , handcuff your bitch , he wont fuck her but he will hit her
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    miko ? ghetto report card

    who is this guy , sounds like jay tee from n2deep quit-a-bit
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    gps bracelet

    i gotta do 150 days on this bracelet startin tuesday , they say i cant bartend so i lost my job and then i get a job landscape'n and i cant do that cause the cop says you gotta stay at one location . so fired up , i will be workin at mcdonalds for 6 bucks . how gay is that
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    a-1 sick wid it

    what ever happend to a-1 from sickwidit , they had some knockers , that critic killers feat the mossie was so great , big man and mathematics with fonnzzarelli
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    makes me poop

    i dont know about anyone else but the second i get done eatin chinesse i have to shit , no wonder the fuckers are so skinny
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    sickwidit duo's ?

    when turf talk and b-legit gonna do a track to beast on the same label and they ain't never been on a slap together . fires me up
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    who some of the better rappers outta there i live hour and a half north figure i should check out rappers on my own turf
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    bosko and mugzi ?

    i got this song with mugzi and bosko does the hook , keep sayin kmel . and bosko keeps singin 3 chicks in my sports car . only one verse though . maybe it's on a cd i can pick up . mugzi says is that 40water brother young mugzi
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    messy marv ?

    this dude droppin a solo any time soon ? i know him and quinn droppin a cd soon
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    coo coo cal ?

    is this guy still alive , i live a hour and a half north of the mill , used to hear bout him all the time he vanished
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    i was gettin helmut.....

    from this punk rock beezy and farted . she was fired up
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    yukmouth or dru down what the ?

    when these dudes droppin solo cd's ? i cant stand the new yuk with all the g-unit disses . i was a huge yuk fan till his agenda went bad , i think he could come back up and do it real big like the old al roker
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    little bruce aka little girl

    man check out the cover of his second solo album, he is a nerd nice pointy shoe's nice hair nice shirt , he's a geek , bet he sat alone at lunch in high school . hatin on water and b-legit , without them knowbody would know who this lttle girl is , he cant rip on anyone , people don't even wanna...
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    Dubee a savage

    i been listenin to alot of sugawolf lately he's great , when does he got a new cd droppin ?
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    im from a itty bitty city

    called menasha , wi but the dj at our club is from oakland , and after 2 years of fightin he finaaly played some bay shit , he played tell me when to go and we were hyphy